Discover How To Lock Your Aadhaar And Protect Your Sensitive Information With These Simple Steps

It is important to take specific precautions that guarantee your fingerprints and other biometric data cannot be inappropriately utilized for unauthorized authentication in order to safeguard your Aadhaar information and reduce the risk of fraud. It is also essential to routinely check your bank statements for any unauthorized activities and to notify your bank right away of any such activity.

Through the UIDAI website or the mAadhaar app, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) provides a means to increase the security of your Aadhaar number and give you control. If you lock your Aadhaar (UID), you won’t be able to use it for biometric, demographic, or OTP modes of authentication utilizing UID, UID Token, or Virtual ID (VID).

Using the most recent VID, you may unlock your Aadhaar (UID) using the mAadhaar app or the UIDAI website. You may utilize your Aadhaar (UID) for authentication using UID, UID Token, and VID after it has been unlocked.

People should also configure transaction notifications through their banks. This will provide them with real-time notifications on any account activity, enabling them to quickly identify and address any questionable transactions. Additionally, it’s important to remain up to date on the security policies and procedures offered by UIDAI and their bank.

Steps To Lock Your Aadhaar Card

You need a 16-digit VID number, which is a requirement for the locking procedure, in order to lock your UID. If you don’t already have one, you may create one via the UIDAI website or the SMS service.

Using SMS Service

Send an SMS to 1947 in the following format to use the SMS service: “GVID [last 4 or 8 digits of your UID].” For illustration, “GVID 1234.”

Using The UIDAI Website

  • Visit the UIDAI website
  • Under the “My Aadhaar” tab, select “Aadhaar Lock & Unlock services.
    Choose the “UID Lock” radio button.
  • Enter your UID number, full name, and pin code based on your latest details
  • Enter the security code.
  • Click on “Send OTP” or select “TOTP” and click on “submit.”
  • Your UID will be successfully locked.

Steps To Unlock Unlocking UID With The Latest VID

Unlocking UID With Latest VID

  • Go to on the UIDAI website.
  • Select the radio button labeled “Unlock”.
  • Enter your most recent 16-digit VID as well as the security code.
  • Select “TOTP” or “Send OTP” and then click “Submit.”
  • You will successfully have access to your UID.

The mAadhaar App

The mAadhaar app also offers the Aadhaar lock and unlock services.

What If You Forget VID After Locking?

Residents can use the SMS service to acquire their 16-digit VID back if they lock their UID and then forget it. The person must do this by sending an SMS from the cellphone number associated with their Aadhaar to 1947.

The format of the SMS should be “RVID [last 4 or 8 digits of their UID].” As an illustration, they may transmit “RVID 1234.” The resident will receive their VID on their registered cellphone number when this message is sent.

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