Discover the Exciting New Features Coming Up In iOS 17

Apple is preparing to offer a few upgrades for iPhone users in an event set for September after introducing its newest operating system, with a focus on iOS 17, in its WWDC event in 2023. Notably, the much-expected iOS 17 will have several new features that will enhance the user experience. 

Apple is preparing for some significant improvements this year, including revisions to its messaging services, modifications to its auto-correct algorithm, safety measures, interactive widgets, AirDrop features, a new Journal, keyboard, Safari, and password manager, among other things.

Despite only being in beta form for developers right now, iOS 17 will be made accessible to people, most likely in September or October. Additionally, the company has posted a sneak look at iOS 17 on its official website, giving iPhone customers a sample of what’s to come. 

New Features Coming Up In iOS 17

Communication Safety

Apple will be extending Communication Safety to more applications to increase the security and safety of users’ information. Apple advises that private images or videos will be censored by adding underpants or a swimming suit.

Verification Codes that Automatically Disappear

Although users frequently get one-time passwords to access their personal IDs or information, the messages aren’t always removed. Apple will now allow for the automatic deletion of these OTPs or verification codes.

Apple Safari Changes

Apple’s Safari browser will see improvements in iOS 17, including private browsing and sophisticated tracking. This will guard against URL trackers but not guarantee the privacy of users’ phone-related actions.

Offline Maps

With iOS 17, Apple will finally make offline maps available on its own navigation app. Although Android users could already use the feature, iPhone users may now do the same. 

Photos Privacy Permissions

With iOS 17, users may occasionally be reminded to decide whether they want to provide full or limited access to applications for viewing their images and videos.

NameDrop features

By enabling this function, iPhone users will be able to rapidly exchange their contact information with nearby Apple Watch and iPhone users.


As part of upgrading its security measures, Apple will introduce the Check-In function, which will allow users to inform their loved ones about their travels. It automatically notifies the user’s contacts of their current location, battery level, and cellular signal when it is checked.

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