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How To Dissolve Nerve-Wracking Emotional Habits- 6 Step Plan

Emotions- a tricky word, which can get the best as well as the worst in a person. What have I done? Oh, gracious lord!! Please help me, I think I have ruined my relationship with my husband- ever felt yourself muttering these expressions? Of course, Yes!!

After all, there is no surviving human being in this whole wide world who haven’t regretted things they have said or done.

Have you ever wondered why?

How To Dissolve Nerve-Wracking Emotional Habits

The answer simply lies on the fact that it is our emotions playing the dark side during times of high stress. Times when we let our emotions take over, one ends up saying or doing things which in return hurts someone or exacerbates the situation to new heights.

Due to emotional ambiguity, sometimes situations which seem simple can become a hurdle, that moving past it seems impossible. Leaving our emotions to be spun out of control, we end up wrecking up our relationships, work, and our life as a whole.

The act of becoming aware of one’s emotion is a muscle worth developing. Controlling emotions begins by knowing your emotions, learning to express one’s emotion better and top of all lies communication. Mastering the act of communicating ones needs in a healthy manner can simplify the task of emotional control a thousand times.

Here is my six-step plan for emotional control.

At the end of this plan, you will definitely end up having better control over your emotional presence.

Step 1: Awareness is the key to success!!

How To Dissolve Nerve-Wracking Emotional Habits

The first and foremost way of controlling is, to begin by identifying the moment when your emotions are getting best of you. This is the moment when your emotions are on the verge of showcasing adverse effects. It can all begin by just simply taking note of it.

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Step 2: Breathe in Breath out!!


Once you are aware of your emotions, time for some breathe in and breathe out exercise. When you feel your emotions have taken over, pause and take a few deep breaths to help you understand your emotional status. For a few minutes, Meditate on your breath.

Step 3: Question it!!

question yourslef

Now time to question yourself, start by asking questions like what is this emotion you feeling? Is it fear or stress or just anger? Just ask, avoid judging yourself based on your emotions. It’s absolutely fine to feel the anger or stress or whatever emotion you are experiencing. Simply accept what it is.

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Step 4: Answer it


Now ask yourself further to be able to answer it better. Look out for an answer of questions, such as why am I feeling it? Where in my body is this feeling? What is the actual reason for me to fall out of balance? Is there actually a reason why I am feeling upset right now? Once you know the answers, try to balance and move towards healing

Step 5: Take your call


Once you have got your answers ready, set a conscious intention as to how would you like to respond to the situation. After concluding, time to run through an in-mind checklist which includes questions like- Is it true? Will it be helpful? Is it important? Is it kind to do it?

Step 6: Now is the time to react


Now that you have a hold of your risen emotions. You have understood it, identified the reason for it to trigger. Now, find the right strategy as to how to move forward. Being aware of your emotions, it is easy to apply a healthier reaction as well get a healthier outcome.

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In Conclusion:

Summing it all up, emotions do have a tremendous impact on ourselves as well our relationships. Being not able to control can really lead your life to bitterness and helplessness in relationships. Hence, it is said with greater emotional intelligence brings in a deeper and intimate relationship with yourself and those around you.

About Author: Jais is Multi-passionate entrepreneur, compassionate, creative-writer, confident, Nature Lover, Animal Lover, an observer, a traveler on a path to self-discovery. Focused on Raising Happiness level and simplifying life. Love to Live. Live to Love. She blogs at GetSetHappy

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