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This Is How Diwali Is Celebrated Outside India

Diwali is here, and everyone is exhausted with the endless amount of shopping, cleaning, and planning for the much-awaited festival of lights. It won’t be wrong to say that Indians, take pride in Diwali celebration and the kind of hullabaloo that happens in India, doesn’t really happen anywhere else in the world.

But wait, did you seriously think that only Indians are crazy about Diwali and it is only celebrated in India?

Well, you are wrong. There are apparently 15 countries that put in the same amount of enthusiasm and excitement when it comes to the Diwali celebrations. And no, I am not kidding.

Take a look at these pictures and then tell me if proved you wrong-

1. Guyana

Its all about decoration and colorful parade’s. People here have an equal amount of enthusiasm as we Indians do.

2. Fiji

Intricate designs with diyas and use of lots of flowers is how they celebrate Diwali in Fiji. And oh, they too love their firecrackers.

3. Malaysia

Here, it’s all about floating lanterns and there is no doubt that it looks magical.

4. Nepal

Candles and lots of led lights for decoration is a must in Nepal. The people there visit temples and offer their prayers too, just like Indians.

5. Mauritius

The kind of firecrackers and the show that Malaysians put up on Diwali is breath-taking.

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6. Myanmar

This festival here shows the spirit of the community. The hot balloons loaded with lights just add to the beauty of this already beautiful festival.

7. Singapore

These guys are obsessed with the led lights and the intricate pattern they use is worth watching.

8. Srilanka

Elephants with lights on them! You couldn’t have asked for more. Srilankan Diwali is epic.

9. Trinidad and Tobago

They love decorating their streets and their colors pop out in the most beautiful way.

10. Britain

Whatever be the case, Britishers know how to celebrate anything in a grand way. And Diwali isn’t an exception. See how they celebrate.

11. Indonesia

The firecrackers here steal the show. And yeah, they too love their rangoli’s as we Indians do.

12. Japan

Beautiful lanterns and lots of decoration along with a lot of rockets. That’s how Japanese Diwali is celebrated.

13. Thailand

The monks celebrate Diwali with simplicity but that doesn’t mean it looks dull.

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14. Africa

Here, people celebrate Diwali the traditional way. It’s about Laxmi-Ganesh pooja and community functions.

15. Australia

The temples here are decorated with lights and you will get the Diwali feeling when you stroll through the streets.

There, now you know that the Diwali fever indeed crosses borders and there are zillions of people who celebrate Diwali with the same enthusiasm as we Indians do!

Now, now, there is no need to be jealous. Just Saying! 
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