Diwali Home Decor Ideas: Brighten Up your House Inside Out

Diwali is right around the corner and we want all the best Diwali Home Decor Ideas to brighten and lighten up our house.

I understand that our house is the most important part of our life as that is the place we always come back to, no matter where we spend our time. It makes the decoration of our house a crucial part of Diwali cleaning and decoration.

Hence, I am here with all the crazy ideas you can explore to have your house look the best this Diwali.

We all focus on decorating our house from the outside so much that we put all the time in it. Eventually we have no time or energy left to decorate our house from the inside. This Diwali, let us begin with decorating our house from the inside first.

1. Jug Jug Diyo

The first design idea on the list are these colourful lanterns that you can hang in your garden area. Simply hang colourful lanterns and put tea lights in them to illuminate them to reflect the colour of their glass.

2. Rang Barse Diwali Pe Bhi

These colourful thread balls look mesmerising with tiny lights illuminating them from the inside. You can either buy these from outside or create them yourself and hand them wherever you want. On the wall behind the sofa seems like the perfect spot to me.

3. Roses aren’t Red Flower Strings

We are familiar with phool mala and this idea is similar to that with a little change. Instead of going heavy with flowers, you can put them at a certain distance from each other so that they make your house Diwali ready and not shadi ready. Also, the combination of orange and pink roses are perfect to go with a green background like the one in the picture.

4. Kesariya Tera Ishq hai Piya

Just like the orange and pink roses, we can use orange, yellow and white marigold flowers and put them in the string. You can either use a single flower at a time or make pairs like shown in the picture. It would be a great addition to your pooja room’s wall.

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5. Trip Down Memory Lane

There is another exciting idea that you can incorporate into your Diwali decoration: Hang images with flower strings. As you can see in the picture, you can put photos in your decoration material. It would be perfect if you are organising a party at your place.

6. DIY Tin Tin Barse Candles

Here is another idea by one of our fellow content creators online where we get the inspiration to re-use our chocolate tin cans. You can do exactly like shown in the image, hang your tins with a rope and place electric candles in them to make a stunning background.

7. Lotus Look in the Corner

I really like the idea of making a rangoli like shown in the image because I don’t know how to use colours to make one. You can buy such lotus stands or whatever else you want or can get near you, use paper flowers to pop colours around it, light a few diya or tealight candles and you are good to go.

8. Maa Ke Kangan Diya

“Meri Maa ke Kangan Lauta de Lala!” Sorry, but Lala made these beautiful diya out of those Kangans and Birju can not have them back this time. Using colourful glass bangles like shown in the picture will give you a beautiful artwork. It will illuminate amazing colours to make the surroundings look good.

9. Diya Jale NA Jale Hangings

Diya Naa jale in this DIY artwork. Look at the image and create similar origami diyas with sparkling golden flames placed on a string to make these hangings. You can put it against a white background to make it look pretty and appealing which would make a great background for Diwali pictures.

10. Baharon Pool Barsao aur Batti bhi Lagao

This is one my personal favourites! Buy fake flower garlands like shown in the picture or as per your choice along with cream coloured fairy lights. Then strangle these together like in the picture and hang them on the wall to make it Diwali-like.

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11. One Two Ka Four Diya Curtain

There is another amazing DIY thing you can do is create Diya curtains as shown in the pictures. Just take four strings and tie knots on equal distance to create holders. Put diya in these holders and tiny candles or battis in it and hang them in the outdoor. You can also use electric candles in place of them to make it more stable.

12. Laal Dupatta Tang Diya

If you have a beautiful saree or duppatta, then you can hang it like shown in the image above your mandir. It will make a great backdrop to highlight your temple in your house and make it look appealing. You can even combine two fabrics to add textures and colours to the look.

13. Taare Zameen Par Hangings

These stars hangings looks amazing on this magenta wall and if you also have such deep coloured wall in your house, then it would be a great idea to create a similar look. You can add a few fairy lights or bulb lights like the picture to lighten it up even more.

14. Gulon Me Rang Bharo Darwaze pe Tango

We often hang flower garlands on our doors to make it look beautiful but we can do a better job like in this image. It is not a store bought piece but the DIY creator used multiple flower strings to create this beautiful looking door hanging piece. It is a great chance for you to mix and match multiple coloured flowers to brighten up your entrance.

15. Parde Me Rehne Do Design

If you happen to have glass doors like shown in the image, then you must add thin translucent colourful curtains like shown in the picture. Also incorporate fairy lights just like the image. It would look beautiful form inside as well as from outside.

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