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Things That We Do On Diwali That Makes Us Nostalgic & Happy At The Same Time

Only two days are left for the Diwali celebration, but everything feels kind of dull. Those days are gone when markets were all set months before Diwali. It seems kind of boring now, and the only people who like to celebrate Diwali is my HR.

If you also think the same way, here are the things to do on Diwali to make it complete and feel nostalgic.

1. Firecrackers Shopping

This had to be the first thing on my list since I was a kid. I remember Diwali as a day to play with firecrackers. Although I’m an adult now, the kid inside me still gets super excited about Diwali and especially fireworks. Bullet bombs were my favorite, though it’s hard to find them now in Delhi.

2. Cleaning the house

My grandmother told me, Goddess Laxmi comes to earth every year on Diwali and bless humans. Though she only visits clean and nice smelling houses and that’s why everyone cleans their house before Diwali, after all, who doesn’t want Laxmi? And yeah, it might sound dicy now that I’m all grown up, but still, cleaning houses every year gives me the nostalgic feel.

3. Shopping for your house

After cleaning, the next thing that everyone does on Diwali is to buy decor to make their houses look good. But remember, buying is the easy part, what’s more difficult, for a lazy person like me is to decorate the house.

4. Hanging lights

Diwali is the festival of lights and it won’t be complete until you cover your entire house with those hanging lights. But it is not as easy as it sounds, it requires maths so that all the lights will be at the same distance from each other and a little knowledge of electrical circuits so that you won’t get yourself electrified. Although, Chinese ladi’s has made the process as simple as possible.

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5. Wearing ethnic

I don’t understand why you can’t wear cozy pajamas on Diwali and why it is necessary to wear your new ethnic wears? Doesn’t anyone know, how uncomfortable and itchy new ethnic wears are? But no, we have to follow the Diwali ritual, more like the Diwali cliche!

6. Shopping and distribution of sweets

Everyone is so sweet and happy at this festival and to express their happiness, people exchange gifts and sweets. Now, I don’t understand one thing, why everyone gets sonpapdi as the only sweet when it comes to gifting? By the end of the day, there are more than 15 sonpapdi boxes lying around my house. And, FYI I don’t even like ‘Sonpapdi’.

7. Care towards environment

“I think I should not use fireworks this year, I’m not a kid after all.” This thought comes to everyone’s mind, every year. But does it work? I don’t think so, as we all end up buying fireworks more than what we had planned in the beginning. ‘Yrr soacha to 2 packets tha aallu bum ke, pr 10 packet lene pr discount mill ra tha!’


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In Conclusion

It’s up to us how we celebrate our festivals. Most of the youngsters are too lazy to do anything and they end up making all these festivals boring. If you are reading this post and feeling why Diwali has become so boring, get your ass up from the couch and start doing all the things that are mentioned in this list.

Then, tell me how’d you feel.
Okay, I’m getting late now, I still haven’t purchased bullet bomb for me. So, let me take your leave and Happy Diwali to all.
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