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DMK Worker Caught In Act! Captured Repeatedly Kicking A Woman In Salon!

Every day there are hundreds of cases of violence against women.

The latest case emerged with the CCTV footage which was recorded on May 25, 2018. This unfortunate incident occurred at a beauty salon in Tamil Nadu’s Perambalur.

The video shows a clear view of DMK leader, identified as Selvakumar mercilessly kicking a woman inside a beauty parlour. There were three other women present at the time of the incident and they tried multiple times to make him stop.

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One of them is even seen trying to hold him back and joining hands to request him to stop, but it seemed to have no effect on his anger whatsoever. The badly beaten woman tried to move away from Selvakumar to avoid getting kicked, but he wouldn’t stop and kept on with his cruel behaviour. He can also be seen abusing her all the while.

Here is the CCTV footage-


What action was taken against him?

As of now, Selvakumar has been arrested by the police and the DMK has also suspended the leader from the primary membership of the party. But this isn’t the first time a political leader has been caught misusing his power and position to victimise common people, especially women.

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But a question still remains!

Is just the suspension from the post justified for the act of violence he committed? That too against a woman? Shouldn’t there be a legal implication to refrain him and his kind from repeating such utter debacle in the name of power.

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Moreover, why aren’t political leaders treated the same way common criminals are? We know this for a fact that whenever a powerful and political leader commits a crime, whether big or small, he/she is still given a special treatment unlike commeners.

Most of these cases don’t even reach the higher authorities and when a few of them manage to come out in the eyes of the public, the victim receives minimal help and even more harassment sometimes. Whereas, the torturing party, aka the political leader suffers the least and at max removed from the current position.

In Conclusion:

The biggest concern we face today is whether the authorities will ever stop being biased towards a special few and treat everyone , every citizen , a common man and a political leader on the same parameters of law? Or should we stop expecting anything from the government altogether? Food for thought!

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