Do Not Eat This Before Going To Sleep

Healthy Lifestyle has become pivotal in our life. The ongoing Covid Pandemic has made healthy lifestyle more crucial than ever and people cannot stop talking about it. Having a good sleep is an integral part of healthy lifestyle. Many people miss the relation between their eating habits and sleep. There are certain foods that you should not eat before going to bed. Read to know about what food items are good for your sleep.

Food You Should Eat Before Going To Bed


Bananas are usually eaten before workouts to get an influx of instant energy. But not many people know that they are rich in magnesium that relaxes your muscles. They also promote production of melatonin and serotonin that help you to sleep.


Honey stimulates production of melatonin in body and tablespoon is enough. Honey also shuts off orexin that keeps your brain alert.


Almonds are great source of healthy fat and they also contain high amount of magnesium and tryptophan. They help in relaxing your muscles and calm your nerves. It also stabilizes rhythm of heart.


Oats are rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, melatonin and they also induce production of insulin. They help you get a sound sleep.

Chicken Chicken is most healthy meat as it is high in protein and low in fats. Prefer eating breast of the chicken for dinner and it will help you feel full. You will not wake up at night and feel hungry.

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Food You Should Not Eat Before Going To Sleep


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People like to eat cheese at dinners and we all eat a lot of cheese once we start eating it. But we don’t know that cheese is rich in an amino acid called tyramine. Tyramine keeps your brain alert for long time and prevents you from sleeping.


Many of us think that one of glass will make us sleep well. But alcohol does the opposite of this; it will prevent your brain from going in deep sleep. It will keep the brain active even when you are asleep.


Fats are difficult to digest and cause heartburn. They create difficulty in sleeping as your heart rhythms are not in order and your body feels uneasy.


Spices are an important part of Indian food but you can choose to eat less spicy food at dinner. Chilies contain capsaicin and it disturbs your body temperature. This prevents you from having good sleep.


Coffee is a big no no before going to bed. It contains high amount of caffeine that stimulates your brain for a very long time. It may give you a warm feeling but stimulates your brain for more than ten hours.

It’s the small habits that count in healthy lifestyle. Dinner is an important part of your sleep. It’s understandable that weekends can be tough to follow this diet but try to stick by this in your weekdays.

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