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Do You Know What Big Missions ISRO Is Planning Post Chandrayaan-2? Here’s A Look

Acknowledging the support and encouragement of countrymen that flowed in post-Chandrayaan-2’s failed landing ISRO took to Twitter to send a thank you message.

The Tweet from the space agency read, “Thank you for standing by us. We will continue to keep going forward — propelled by the hopes and dreams of Indians across the world!”.

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That’s not all the space agency is back on its feet and is working in full-swing to accomplish its future missions. Do you know what’s in store from ISRO up next?. Well, if you don’t then here we bring to you a detail of ISRO’s big missions that are planned for the near future.

Aditya L-1

This would be one of the first big-ticket mission of ISRO post-Chandrayaan-2.  Aditya L-1 would be a solar spacecraft mission that would study the Sun. Set for a mid-2020 launch this would be India’s first solar mission.


A Satellite would be placed in the halo orbit around the Lagrangian point 1 (L1) (That’s why its name Aditya L-1) that would help in the study of the Sun. The launch would happen on PSLV-XL from Sriharikota.


NISRA which stands for NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar would be a joint mission where ISRO would be seen collaborating with U.S space agency NASA.


ViralBake Telegram

As the name suggests, NISAR would be a radar that would be mounted on earth observation satellite. The satellite carrying NISAR would be the first radar imaging satellite to use dual frequencies.


35 years after India sent his first astronaut on moon Gaganyaan would retrace the history but on an indigenous spacecraft. Announced by PM last year this is one of the most awaited of ISRO which would have the attention of the whole world.


A 3 member crew would be sent to space in the Gaganyaan. The crew would remain in space for 3 days. The mission is slated for 2022.

Shukrayaan 1

If you thought Mangalyaan (also known as MOM) was the only interplanetary mission of ISRO then you are wrong. The space agency is all set to land its foot on “Earth’s Twin” Venus (called Shukra in Hindi).


ISRO is planning to send “Aerobort Ballons” on the surface of Venus to study the planet. Possible collaboration with France could be sought for the mission. As of now the ISRO is performing a feasibility study of the project and plans to launch it in the early 2020s.


Taking on the experiences from Chandrayaan-2 ISRO would launch another m0on exploration mission in the face of Chandrayaan-3.  ISRO would collaborate with Japan’s space agency JAXA for this advanced lunar mission.

Chandryaan 3Source

A lunar lander and rover would be sent sent to explore the southern pole of the moon. The mission would be a boost for setting habitat on the lunar surface in the future. As per reports, the mission would be launched anywhere around 2024.


With much in pipeline, ISRO is sure to make the country with its future endeavors. Tell us what are your opinion on these planned missions of ISRO.



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