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Do you like watching medical videos, in which doctors are inside an operation theatre, performing something that’ll either make you awestruck or make you puke?

Recently a video a has gone viral on the internet, showing surgeons operating on a patient, who was suffering from a throat tumour. On examination, doctors found more than just a tumour.

The video is showing doctors removing two-inch live leech from a woman’s mouth. Wondering how the leech get into her sinus?

How did leech get stuck inside her throat?

doctors removing two-inch live leech

A 63 years old lady from Vietnam, was experiencing severe headache for several months. In order to get herself checked, she went to the hospital in northern Ha Giang Province, where doctors diagnosed her with a throat tumour.

The only way to make things normal again was by performing surgery to remove a tumour. But during the surgery, doctors were shocked when they saw something moving inside her throat.

doctors removing two-inch live leech

Soon they concluded it was a leech, a blood-sucking parasite was attached to that Vietnam woman’s throat. The surgeons started to record the video as the head surgeon pulls out the live-leech from the throat.

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The two inches long leech

It was 2-inch long and doctors concluded if the treatment was not provided on time, consequences could have been worst. The woman was lucky that doctors found it on time. After discussion, Asian doctors settled that the lady must have gotten in touch with this leech during a bath in spring water.

doctors removing two-inch live leech

This video of doctors removing two-inch live leech from a woman’s mouth was later uploaded on social media. And of course, it immediately went viral.

If you haven’t watched these doctors removing two-inch live leech from a woman’s mouth, watch it here:

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In Conclusion:

This is not the first time when doctors have found living organisms from the inside of a human body. Doctors concluded that this leech was inside her body for almost 3 months.

Fortunately, the lady is safe now as both the leech and the tumour has been removed from her throat successfully.

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