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Document, Accidentally Shared By Greta Thunberg, Reveals International Propaganda To Defame India

If you have been sucking up the news lately, you must be aware that how the ongoing farmers’ protest in India is getting international support from celebs including Rihanna, Mia Khalifa, Greta Thunberg and many more who have recently commented on the issue.

But happens, there is a bigger conspiracy involved behind these tweets and thankfully, not us, but the so-called activist Greta Thunberg herself revealed it recently.

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Greta Thunberg yesterday, besides sharing a tweet in support of farmers, accidentally, also shared a toolkit that contained a document that reveals the sinister international propaganda that is being brewed to defame India and BJP.

The document, which Greta immediately deleted and replaced with a new one, reveals how everything that has been going on in India recently is a part of a bigger conspiracy so extensively planned. Here is the full document that Greta Thunberg had tweeted:

1. Hold protests at Indian embassies, and offices of Adani & Ambani

The document titled Global Farmers Strike – First Wave’ says, “On 26th January, a major day of globally coordinated actions, show your support at local physical locations, wherever you are. Either find protests happening in your city/state/country and participate in large (or small) numbers or organize one.”

It further goes on to ask people to pile up at or near Indian Embassies, local government offices and even international offices of Adani and Ambani to steer the protest.

2. Storm Twitter with #AskIndiaWhy

The document doesn’t only ask people to storm Twitter with #AskIndiaWhy but also asks them to tag International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Trade Organisation (WTO) and others in their tweets as these organizations have recently supported the farm laws.

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3. India violates human rights, creates violence.

The document, which has probably been prepared internationally, also accuses India of violating human rights and creating violence, which is a complete lie.

4. Zoom Calls on how to protest

There is also a zoom call for anyone who has doubts on how to protest and what to tweet and other such questions. Surely Indian farmers won’t rely on Zoom calls to protest.

5. Stop exports and buying from Adani, Ambani companies

Despite the fact that Adani and Ambani had denied being a part of businesses that involve farming, this doc file asks people to divest in companies of Adani and Ambani.

Surely this is just one document that has been prepared and shared internationally to instigate protests against the farms’ laws and gather international support on a matter that is completely internal to India.

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Who knows if there are more such documents even more absurd than this?

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