Is Your Bank Account Can Be Hacked With Aadhaar Number?

The Aadhaar card is really important for many money-related things. You need it for tasks with the government and private companies, like connecting your bank account to it. If you don’t connect your Aadhaar to your bank account, you might have trouble taking out money.

Is Your Bank Account Can Be Hacked With Aadhaar Number

Aadhaar Number Security Issue

People are worried about how Aadhaar is connected to many money-related things. They think if someone gets their Aadhaar number, that person might use it to get into their apps and services. However, experts say just having an Aadhaar number isn’t enough to get into their bank account without permission.

Bank Account Hacking With Aadhaar Number

“Possessing someone’s Aadhaar number doesn’t translate into direct access to their bank account. The security mechanisms like OTP, biometric authentication, face ID, or iris scan are crucial safeguards. Without these additional security layers, bank accounts remain safe,” clarified Anil Rao, quoted by DNA India.

Cybersecurity Threat

There have been situations where bad online actors got hold of fingerprints from important property papers to do fake transactions. The government is being really careful and has made security measures stronger to stop these kinds of problems. The Finance Ministry said that the people who manage Aadhaar have used innovative computer solutions that use AI to stop fake fingerprints and fraud.

Security Measures

With the goal of making things safer, the government and UIDAI have taken action to fix problems in the Aadhaar payment system. They’re working to stop fake fingerprints from being used to verify Aadhaar by using better security methods.

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Keep Aadhaar Updated

“If you’re not actively using your Aadhaar, UIDAI provides the option to keep it locked. This feature, available on the UIDAI website, lets you lock your Aadhaar when not in use and unlock it as needed. This prevents misuse and adds an extra layer of security to your Aadhaar data,” mentioned DNA India.

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