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Can You Balance A Glass Of Water Like This Dog?

Dogs are amazing creatures, aren’t they?

They are your best friends, they are emotional and they love you back a thousand times. I bet you must have heard about dogs doing weird, bizarre and crazy things. But there are many other hidden talents in dogs.

funny dogs
And this viral video just shows about how talented munchkins can be. So, how about a dog balancing a glass of water and WALKING in a straight cat-walky walk?

Yeah, no kidding!

The viral video of Dog balancing a glass of water

A video that went viral on social media platforms shows a dog balancing a glass of water and walking gracefully just like those models cat-walk on the ramp. Damn, man. I was in a shock of amazement, and side by side (was dying of laughter).

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Just look at the way he walks man, so refined and so poised like he is walking on a dog ramp or something.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now. Here, go ahead and give your eyes a treat-

In Conclusion:

I don’t know if this dog’s owner achieved this balancing stunt after ages of practice or was it a one time shot, but I am in love with this dog. All I think of is, how cute and adorable this pooch is and the way he has put so much concentration and effort to get this stunt right is just amazing.

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I wish I had a dog like this. What about you? Do you own a pooch?
If yes, then what kind of stunt does your champion pull off? Let me know.

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