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5 Tips To Trim Your Dog’s Nails Without Hurting Them

Playing catch, going on early morning walks to see the beautiful sunrise, dumping shit in front of neighbors house are the few things that my dog loves to do.

I wish it was same with trimming his nail as well. But it is not. Apparently, dog’s don’t like when someone tries to touch their paws, let alone cut or trim their nails.

It is indeed a herculean task to trim your dog’s nails, right? And if your dog doesn’t walk much on a hard surface, you might have to figure out on your own as to when he needs some chopping.

But if your pooch does walk on the floor, whenever it starts making a clicking sound while walking, means that it’s time to do some trimming.

Why you can’t just let them grow?

Dogs are not humans, they are animals. They might act friendly but they still possess the body of a predator. So, if you let their nails grow big, they can hurt you and themselves at the same time. Also, overgrown nails look unhygienic and can create health issues for your dog.

How can you cut or trim your dog’s nails?

I know you might treat your pet like you treat any other person of your family, but they are still animals. Their nails are different and if you don’t want to cause pain while trimming your dog nails, make sure not to cut ‘the quick.’

Quick is the main difference between a human and a dog nail. These are the veins that carry blood inside the nails and if you accidentally cut them, there will be a bloodbath. So, how to avoid all this chaos?

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5 Tips to trim your dog’s nails without hurting them

Dogs don’t like to get their nails trimmed by a man. And your dog can give you hard time if you don’t know how to do it. So, here are 5 tips to trim your dog’s nails without hurting them. For best results, start practicing these tricks on your dog at an early age.

1. Touch the paws, every time when you two play together.

If you want to make things easy for yourself, try to touch their paws while your dog sits in your lap. Make them comfortable, so they can easily hand you their paws.

2. Let them sit in their favorite position, let them be comfortable

To make things easy and comfortable, you need to make sure your dog is happy. Let them sit in their favorite position (so that they won’t get alerted) and then start with the main process of trimming.

3. Lure them with their favorite treat

Treat is the best way to teach your dog something new. Luckily, this trick also works when you are trying to trim their nails. Give them their favorite treat so that their main focus is on chewing while you can carry on with the main task.

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4. Always start from front paws.

Although there is no written rule to begin trimming, if this is your first time, it is advisable to start from the front paws. This way your dog can see what you are doing and won’t get stressed.

5. No need to rush, break the trimming into small sessions

Just like a small kid at the barber shop, a dog is the same when it comes to their grooming, restless. So, if you want to keep things in your control, break the trimming sessions into parts. Don’t rush it, you can cut the quick vein and if that happens you’ll end up with an angry dog and a bloody mess.

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How to avoid the quick?

Quick are the veins that carry blood to nails, which means they can be squeezed. Before pressing your clipper onto your dog’s nails, press their nails with your fingers. You are allowed to cut the part that feels solid but if you feel the mush, move you clippers back otherwise you’ll regret it.

In Conclusion:

It not just you, no one like to get their nails trimmed, not you, neither your dog. That’s why it is necessary to make things easier. It would make sure that both you and your dog come back with a happy face after the trimming process.

You can follow these tips to trim your dog’s nails and thank me later.
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