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Domino’s India Delivered Pizza To Army Officers In Siachen And Celebrated Republic Day With Our Brave Soldiers

A few days back, on 26th January we celebrated our 70th Republic Day. Some of us might have spent the day tossing and turning in bed, trying to get extra sleep or just lazying around.

But that was not the case with our Indian Army officers, who are stationed at the border trying to make sure no one can break your sleep.

They can’t take the day off, but it was for the first time that they enjoyed hot cheesy pizza’s. Yes, it is true. Domino’s India delivered pizza by sending a special team to Siachen border. Just to deliver hot and tasty cheesy bites to all the officers who are stationed at sub-zero temperature.

Isn’t this very sweet?

Domino's India delivered pizza

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The chilly Siachen border

Our soldiers are stationed at the posts where it is impossible for normal human beings to survive. They are there to make sure there is no enemy can get in. Our borders are active 24 hours and 7 days a week, meaning, no time off. Even on national holidays, they have to be an army officer first and then anything else.

On holidays, when we usually spend time with our families and friends, army officers are on their stations protecting the borders. Unfortunately, army folks don’t get this opportunity to forget about everything and celebrate. But this year, they did because Domino’s India delivered pizza for the officers.

Domino's India delivered pizza

They are away from their family and at the outposts like Siachen, where temperatures usually stay below zero degrees and there is no way to eat fancy.

But thanks to Domino’s India who made the day of our brave soldiers special by delivering hot cheesy pizza’s to them.
Domino's India delivered pizza

Domino’s India delivered pizza on Siachen border

Domino's India delivered pizza

Domino’s India announced this on Twitter, by saying that their team was on its way to deliver “happiness and hot pizzas at 20,000 feet”. Siachen is one of the highest combat zones in India and is also famous for its bone-chilling sub-zero temperatures. Certainly, none of our army officers was expecting a pizza delivery.

ViralBake Telegram

But they were astonished when they saw the Domino’s delivery team making a special delivery for them. This sweet gesture by the Domino’s team has made our hearts warm, see how internet reacted:

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In Conclusion:

This sweet gesture by Domino’s India has won many hearts. By doing something so sweet, something that our brave soldiers never expected, they have successfully become our favorite pizza place.

No matter if it is a PR stunt or just a harmless gesture, the only thing we care about is that our brave officers got to enjoy pizza’s on a special day.

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