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Donald Trump’s Ad Asks People To Support US Troops, But The Ad Uses Stock Photos Of Russian Fighter Jets

There are blunders, then there are unforgettable blunders. And most of them, as I do not need to mention, are on the plate of the US President Donald Trump.

With the US election nearing, Donald Trump is campaigning to garner the votes of the countrymen. And one way, that he believes, to do the same is to tap onto the patriotic side of Americans ahead of it.

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A fundraising ad for US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign was launched recently. However, the blunder was the picture used for the campaign. The stock photo used with the motive to highlight the US forces ended up featuring Russian fighter jets and weapons as part of a call for viewers to “support our troops”.

Pierre Sprey, who has a hand in designing US Air Force planes, told Politico the jet featured in the ad is “definitely a MiG-29”, as did the director of the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow, Ruslan Pukhov.

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The post further adds that one of the solider in the picture can even be seen carrying a Russian AK 47.

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After the post went viral, the man behind the stock image, Arthur Zakiro, who is a hobbyist photographer based in the Russian city of Perm, revealed that the photo was indeed taken in Russia.

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