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Do You Follow The Five-Sec Rule And Eat Food Fallen On Floor?

Are you one of those, who picks up food fallen on the floor within 5 seconds and pops it straight in your mouth?

If you do, there is something else you should know. There are a few basic things, that you should consider before following the rule. If you are eating something and a part of it falls off, like a biscuit or ice-cream, it differs in which case you should pick it up and where you shouldn’t.

What are the things to keep in mind?

food fallen on the floor

For starters, think- why do you discard the food which falls on the floor? Because it gets dirty and contaminated with germs. Right? The most logical reason behind is that you think the floor is walked upon and there might be dirt on it. True, but what if you are eating at your house and you have just cleaned the floor?

In that case, you just pretend no one is watching and pick up the food fallen on the floor. Most of you do. But is that safe? Should you eat it because the floor is clean?

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What does the study say?

food fallen on the floor

The five-second rule originated from a research apprenticeship at the University of Illinois. Food was placed on the tiles inoculated with bacteria at different times to check whether the food gets affected by germs or not. According to the report, food caught bacteria but it didn’t say what was the number. It means that when any kind of food falls on the floor, it definitely gets exposed to bacteria.

What determines the actual bacteria transfer?

food fallen on the floor

It all comes down to the floor you are dropping it on. It doesn’t matter if the food is on the floor for five minutes or five seconds, it will get affected in the same manner. So, if your food falls on a carpet, it is a tad bit better than falling on the tiled floor. Even a wooden floor is as exposed as the regular floor. So, if your cake drops on the wooden floor, it will get affected the same way, if it had on a marble flooring.

The kind of food matters the most

food fallen on the floor

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Our naked eye cannot see the germs if it falls on a floor that appears to be clean. That’s where the real questions arise because no one in their right state of mind will pick food covered in mud to eat it. So, what do you do then? Well, here the food that you have dropped matters the most.

If you eating something dry, there are chances that it will catch lesser germs, but if you have dropped something wet like an ice-cream, or bread covered with jam, there will be more germs absorbed by the particles. Any which ways, bacteria are sure to transfer in the food fallen on the floor.

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So, what should you do?

It all depends on your hygiene level. If you think that the five-second is what you should follow, go ahead. But you should keep in mind that it could very well be a misbelief and you could seriously fall sick if you ate something that was meant to be on the floor. But in the end, it’s your personal choice.

However, if you love yourself and your gut, you would let that toast rest in peace on the floor.

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