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Don’t Invite Your Fufa Ji And Unke Dost To Your Wedding, As Delhi Government Is Planning To Put A Cap On The Number Of Guests You Invite

This might sound weird but the Delhi government is planning to cap the number of guests you invite to your wedding. Why? To make sure there is less traffic on the streets.

On Wednesday, Satyendar Jain minister of Delhi’s urban development reported that the government is done with the draft policy of limiting the number of guests one invite to a social function.

All this is to make sure there is less traffic congestion along the border of the national capital. Luckily, he clarified that this rule is not applied to all the banquets across the city.

Is this a joke? Cap on guests?

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No, it is not a joke, while talking to media Jain said, “The final draft has been prepared and the rules will be implemented only in farmhouses, motels and Low-Density Residential Areas (LDRAs) located primarily in Outer Delhi. The most important aspect of the policy is that the maximum number of guests at weddings will depend on the parking space available at the venue. We are hoping this will help in reducing traffic bottlenecks that are created due to unauthorised parking at social functions as roadside parking will be banned.”

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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, also in favour of this policy. All the Farmhouses, banquet halls and other wedding venues in areas like Chhatarpur, GT Karnal Road and Tikri Border will have to follow this new guests policy.

Luckily, this new government policy is not aiming to take away your wedding entourage, you can still come to the venue sitting on the horse-drawn carriage, while all your friends are doing the naggin dance.

In an attempt to increase the safety, now the organisers of open space banquet have to take and submit no-objection certificates from the fire department. Apart from that, the use of a diesel generator is also going to be banned. Especially for all the open space venues, it is compulsory to have a formal power connection from the concerned electricity company in that area.

How will they conclude the number of guests we can invite?

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As per the draft policy, to calculate the maximum number of guests, divide the gross the area of the venue (in sqm) by 1.5 or multiplying the total number of car parking available by four. Whichever is less will be the number of guests one can invite to their wedding or any other social gathering.

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In Conclusion:

With this new policy in place, you might have to sacrifice your Fufa ji’s invitation. As it will help the streets to get less congested with the traffic. But if you really love to invite him to make sure to book the venue at a place where this policy doesn’t apply.

Tell us what you think about this policy.

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