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Don’t Know How To Link Your Aadhaar Card With Income Tax Returns? Read This!

The current Income Tax laws say that quoting or mentioning Aadhaar number for a candidate while filing an income tax return (ITR). Additionally, an individual is required to link their permanent account number with their Aadhaar number. 

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In case, if you failed to do these processes, you will not be allowed to file ITR. Thus, it is necessary to know the steps to “How To Link Your Aadhaar Card With Income Tax Returns?” 

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Step to Quote Aadhaar Number in Your ITR

In order to quote or link your Aadhaar number in your ITR, you will find some additional spaces in the ITR form. In case, you have applied for the Aadhaar card but didn’t receive your Aadhaar, then you must quote the 28 digit enrolment ID in the ITR form. For example: if your enrolment ID is 1234/12345/12345 and the date and time of enrolment are 01/12/2016 12:50:22, they will be entered as 1234123451234501122016125022.

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In case, if you are eligible to file ITR-1 online on the official website and have provided the Aadhaar number in your tax return details previously, then most probably your Aadhaar number will already be pre-filled. Now, the pre-filled information in ‘Part-A General information of the ITR-1 will be available on the website. Therefore, you must cross-verify the Aadhaar number one with your actual Aadhaar card. 

Remember that while filing ITR using Java or Excel, then you must manually enter the Aadhaar details in the form.

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