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Don’t Store Eggs In Fridge If You Want Them To Be Fresh For Long

Where do you usually store eggs?

In the cupboard, on the kitchen slab or in the fridge door? Most of you store it in the fridge, precisely in the place where ‘EGGS’ is written. Even I used to neatly arrange eggs in the fridge door, every time I brought them.

But did you know food experts advise the exact opposite?

Don’t be confused. I know, it’s too much to take in. But its a fact that if you store eggs in the fridge door, they go bad quickly.

What exactly happens?

You might think that storing it in the fridge will keep it fresh for longer but that doesn’t really happen. In fact, it starts going stale quickly. The thing is, eggs need a constant temperature to stay fresh. So, any temperature change effects them to the core.

store eggs

The yolk and the white part of the unused egg are fragile in nature. It’s just the hard shell around it that makes you feel that temperature might not affect it, but it does. Everytime you open the fridge, there is a slight change in the temperature and it sparks a chain of reaction within the egg.

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How temperature affects eggs?

store eggs

The constant opening and closing of the door leads a chain of reaction and the eggs begin to decay at a faster rate. Though you might argue that the door just stays open for a few seconds and that shouldn’t affect the egg.

But the experts have conducted experiments and concluded that it somehow adversely affects the egg.

So, where should you store eggs?

Store eggs

The best place to store it on the fridge shelf. Instead of putting them on the door, stock them in a carton and place it on the shelf inside the fridge. This way, even if you open the door, it won’t affect the temperature around eggs and it will be fresher for longer.

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In Conclusion:

Use your fridge door for storing items which aren’t easily affected by the temperature drop. Things like ketchup, mayo, water, and frits beverages will just do fine in the fridge door. And you wouldn’t have to worry about even if you open your fridge door the 100th time in a day.

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So, the next you buy eggs, you know where to store them if you love your ‘CHEEZE OMLET’!

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