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10 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters So Far That Are Most Powerful In Entire Universe

If you search top 10 Dragon ball characters, you’ll find a number of websites sharing their list on who they think is the best. But, no one made an updated list after the release of Dragon Ball Super.

So, we decided to update the list to let you guys know who is the best in the Dragon Ball franchise so far.

But, before we get into it, let me just tell you, that we are not going to add gods of destruction and angels. Only Beerus and Whis are included, as we don’t know the power level of other angels and gods. Also, the characters in our list might not have made their fighting appearance on any planet, but they are still infamous.

10. Toppo

Toppo Dragon Ball

In Dragon Ball Super, during the final stage of the tournament of power, Toppo released his pure form by beating Frieza and demonstrating his core power. Not just this, but he almost vaporized Vegeta during the same tournament with his special power ‘hakai’. Later, we got to know that Toppo is the candidate eligible to become future God of destruction. Damn!

9. Fusion Zamasu

Fusion Zamasu

With the help of Potara earing, when future Zamasu fused with his counterpart Black Goku, the combination we got was destructive. Zamasu and Black Goku are already super strong, but when fused, Goku and his team did face many challenges to fight this new beast. To prove how powerful he is, Zamasu fought with Vegeta Blue without any effort.

8. Vegeta

Vegeta Dragon Ball Super

Although he is still one step behind Goku, he has proved that he is worth both respect and fear. Portraying Vegeta as a family man in the Super series, this Sayan prince has sure come a long way. By defeating Toppo and surpassing his own limit, Vegeta proved that his pride is everything to him. He has reached new heights by exceeding the power of Vegeta Blue and taping into a new form of power altogether.

7. Ultimate Gohan

Ultimate Gohan Dragon Ball

He is the first son of Goku. And it is believed that he is the only one, who might surpass the power of his father. During the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan shocked everyone when he defeated Cell on his own. This one has got different tactics to defeat his opponent. When Gohan came up with a plan to defeat Universe 6 Namekians, during the tournament of power, he proved that he is smart and strong.

6. Beerus

Beerus Dragon Ball

From the first appearance he made till now, he is considered as one of the strongest gods of destruction and certainly is one of the strongest dragon ball characters. Not just this, but Beerus introduced fans to the concept of multi-universe in Dragon Ball series. To prove that he is powerful, we want to remind you, that he can destroy a planet with just the tap of his finger. He has trained with Whis for more than 100 million years and now without even doing any warm up, he can still be in his best form.

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5. Vegito

Vegeto Dragon Ball

Another fusion in our list, but this one is far better than the one we have mentioned earlier. When blue Vegeta fused with Kakarot, it proved to be the mightiest fusion that is possible until now. By using Kai’s Potara earring, the combination we got is stronger than the power of Beerus. Although the fusion was very brief, still it was satisfying to see the power of Vegito.

4. Jiren

Jiren Dragon Ball

If you have seen Dragon Ball Super, it’s no brainer that Jiren is one of the top 5 strong dragon ball characters. Since the very beginning, he proved that he is the strong warrior of Universe 11. Throughout the tournament, he takes out players with ease. He didn’t really make efforts to eliminate Vegeta, which showed how powerful he is.

3. Goku

Goku Dragon Ball

By unleashing his ultra-instinct form, Goku once again managed to surpass his Saiyan limit and proved himself to be one of the strongest warriors in all the universes. By defeating Jiren he proved he is strong, though it is not Goku alone who defeated Jiren. With his power, he shook the senses of Gods of destruction. Now imagine yourself how powerful he is.

2. Whis

Whis Dragon Ball Super

Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball himself revealed, on a 1 to 10 scale where 1 is the weakest and 10 means ultimate power if Goku is at 6, Beerus stands at 10 then Whis would be standing at 15 surpassing the limit of scale and other characters of the Dragon Ball series. Although he is not a fighter, he has trained Beerus both physically and mentally. To prove his power, we would want to remind you of the time when he defeated the combined assault of Goku and Vegeta without any effort.

1. Grand Priest

Grand Priest Dragon Ball

He serves Zen-Oh, and Grand Priest is the father of all the angels that includes Whis as well. Although we haven’t seen him fight, the creators of the series made sure that we get the hint of his powers. Whis himself told Goku that Grand Priest is the top 5 strongest character in all the universes.

In Conclusion:

Dragon Ball is one of the most loved series ever and there isn’t any doubt that it has got the massive fan following. What about you? Are you a fan?

Anyway, don’t forget to tell us if you agree with our updated list or not?

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