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Is This Viral Video Of Drake Kissing Minor Really Worth Netizens Time?

‘I can’t go to jail yet,’ Drake’s response, after he kissed a 17-year-old girl during his concert break.

Internet is infuriated after seeing a viral video showing Drake kissing minor. But their reactions are late as the viral video is from one of his previous concerts in 2010.

What was in the video?

Uploaded on Twitter on Jan 4, this short clip of Drake kissing minor started with Drake being on the stage, with a girl during the break at one of his concerts. He can be seen flirting with the girl, “I told you I like your hair, right? What is it, like herbal essences? Smells fresh,” he said.

Drake kissing minor

Next, he is seen kissing her on the neck and wrapping his hand around her. After that, he decides to ask her age, she replied, 17 years old (quite a bummer for Drake). His disappointed fans started booing. However, to make them feel little better he jokingly said, “I can’t go to jail yet, man! 17? Why do you look like that? You thick.”

Ever since there is a neverending troll that has sparked all across the globe against Drake. So, that’s that. But then, it kind of made me think about a thing which has no relation to Drake’s viral video.

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What if something like this happens in India?

Ohhh, wait. Things like this always happen in India, but do we ever try to confront it? I don’t think so, because every day there is a headline in which some minor girl is being raped or molested or even killed. I never saw people talking about this, taking a stand, trying to help the victim to get justice.

All they really do is, shame the victim or probably make her feel so uncomfortable and humiliate her that she ends up killing herself.

Don’t flinch, that’s the reality.

Drake kissing minor

Having said that, I’m not taking Drake’s side but the teenager at the concert was 17, and as Drake said himself, she looked way over her age.

ViralBake Telegram

So, do we to backslash him for what he did 8 years ago? Also, keep in mind that it was unintentional. Moreover, it was nothing more than just a peck on the lips on an underaged girl.

Check the video:

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In Conclusion:

I think netzines should stop backslashing Drake for what he did in past. Also in 2016, he changed his way of interacting with fans. No more kisses for fans, that what Drake learned from his mistake. “You know, you never know how old fans are and what they’ve been up to prior to the show, so I don’t kiss fans anymore,” he said.

So, I think there is no point talking about it and I guess netizens should get over the hype of Drake kissing minor and pick up a better topic to fight on. How about backslashing criminals for the rape of minors that occur in India on an everyday basis? Now that is something netizens should really fight for, isn’t it?

Do you agree?

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