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5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Celery Juice Everyday

Celery juice is filled with goodness.

For those of you don’t know, celery juice has become popular among health experts. But hardly anyone knows about the real reasons why celery juice is gaining the reputation of being a magical concoction.

Eating celery vs. celery juice

celery juice

Before learning about the beneficial properties of celery juice, you need to understand that eating celery has its own benefits. Though, it’s different when you eat celery stalks as they contain a lot of fiber while the juice excludes the fiber content.

Some believe that juicing celery increases its healing properties and can help in curing chronic illness. Also, when it comes to the juice, you can consume a large quantity in comparison to eating stalks.

Why should you drink celery juice?

The healthy elixir is most powerful when consumed solo. You can mix it with spinach, kale, parsley or cilantro, but it is best advised to drink celery juice without adding anything else as it works best. To overcome bad health, drink this on an empty stomach in the morning.

Now, you need to know in detail how celery juice works inside your body to make you healthier than before. So, here are 5 reasons that explain why celery juice is healthy –

1. Works wonders for weight loss

celery juice

This juice is an excellent option for those who want to shed weight without a strict gym or exercise routine. Since celery is a low-calorie vegetable, a whole cup of juiced celery just contains 42 calories. You can use it as a healthy option for your hunger pangs and be rest assured that it is working to cut down your extra fat.

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2. Strikes a balance between acid-base


The acid-base balance in your body affects your other body functions. If you have too much acid in your stomach, there will be health and skin related problems. However, if you consume celery juice every day, it will reduce acidity and make your body alkaline.

3. Helps you sleep better

celery juice

People suffering from insomnia can benefit a lot form this healthy juice as it helps to treat this disease to a huge extent. This is because celery juice has magnesium content that has a soothing and calming effect on your nerves. This way, it regulates your sleep cycle and makes you sleep better.

4. Keeps cancer away


This juice consists of various anti-cancer substances that fight several types of cancer cells and thereby doesn’t allow any kind of cancer to creep in your body. Also, it boosts up your immunity system to give abetter protection against any disease.

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5. Helps reduce inflammation

celery juice

Flavonoids present in celery have been known to reduce inflammation inside the brain and has also been associated with reducing effects of age-related memory decline. This can not only prepare you better for old age but also keep your brain sharp and sound.

In Conclusion:

It is well proven that this juice works wonders when consumed on a daily basis. There are several health benefits associated with this healthy juice that you can see for yourself. Just make it a habit to consume one glass of this healthy juice every morning on an empty stomach and watch your body transform into a fitter and healthier version of you.

The taste is mild and refreshing, so I don’t think you would hate drinking it every morning, now that summers are here!!

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