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4 Simple Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

Waking up in the morning is not easy without that cup of coffee. It’s like a ritual for many people. Their coffee is the first thing that they need after getting up in the morning.

And why not, after all, it helps many people to start their day. Especially on Monday mornings, when no one wants to leave their bed. Moreover coffee is beneficial for your health, it keeps depression and Alzheimer’s away. Also, helps to reduce post-workout muscle pain.

After knowing all this, drinking coffee does seem to be the right thing to do after waking up. But is really the right thing to do? Here are the 4 reasons why you should not drink coffee empty stomach.

1. Indigestion

Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

Coffee can alter your digestive system. As it stimulates the production of acid in your stomach. In case you are drinking coffee empty stomach, the acid could damage your stomach’s lining and cause indigestion and heartburn.

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2. Decreases cortisol levels

Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can disrupt your circadian rhythm. In simple terms, your body secrets cortisol in the morning, it helps you to feel energise and alert. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning can mess it up.

3. Excretion of important minerals

Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

People who are coffee lovers or may we refer them as coffee addicts should know that morning coffee can harm their body by excreting out some of the important minerals from the body. As coffee promotes the excretion of calcium, potassium, and magnesium from the body.

4. Gives you anxiety

Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

Yes, not lying, people get the jittery feeling when they drink coffee on an empty stomach. The reason behind that is simple, caffeine stimulates the “fight or flight” response on the body. Many studies have proved that this can make anxiety worse.

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In conclusion:

No one is saying coffee is bad, after all, you won’t be able to stay up all night to complete your presentation without coffee. But it’s also true that drinking coffee on an empty stomach can hurt your body.

Good thing is that now you know the harmful effects of drinking coffee first thing in the morning.

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