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Drone Used To Carry Drugs, Weapons From Pakistan To India

After being technically investigated by the Border Security Force and Punjab Police, seized drones revealed the involvement of Pakistan based terrorist groups in the deeper parts of Indian states. The flight path assessment of these drones suggests that the drone was sent from India to Pakistan, and after being loaded with weapons and drugs came back from Pakistan to India.

Drone Flown From Punjab

Drone Flown From Punjab

As mentioned by News18 in an article, they have been told by the Government sources, that the lab after analysing the seized drones can conclude that the drone was flown from a particular location in Punjab. Now, local police have arrested few individuals after registering the cases based on the location of flight origin that was discovered after the analysis.

After few more assessments the officials can say that many times the drones were being controlled from villages located in Amritsar and Tarn Taran.

News18 mentions that they were told by a source that, “Once the pistols, drugs and ammunition were uploaded, unknown persons from Pakistan operated them (drones) and sent them back to India. Meanwhile, the BSF noticed the movement and with the help of local police, caught the drones.” In a high-level security meeting held last month attended by the Union Home Minister, the drone matter was also discussed.

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BSF Shot Down The Bird

A drone carrying drugs and weapons from Pakistan to India was shot down by the BSF on January 9. This gadget was carrying 10 KG worth ₹70 Cr, BSF found out.

Punjab Police after an investigation found out that the “The drone path was analysed and investigation revealed that the drone was first operated from India. It moved to Pakistan so there was no clear data available, and on January 9, after loading more than 10 kg heroin, it was sent back to India but caught by the Border Security Force,” a Punjab Police official told News18.

Central Intelligence Agency also alerted local Police, “Few locals are in touch with people based in Pakistan. They facilitate everything on behalf of local criminals involved in petty criminal activities. The big network is running with the help of gangsters and Pakistan-based terror outfits where they have involved local criminals and youth from villages as well, “ told to News18 by an official.

Earlier said by Minister Parliament, “Border guarding forces are well equipped to neutralise threats emanating from misuse of drones by rogue elements including terrorists. Anti-drone systems have been deployed along the border to tackle such situations. In addition, border guarding forces have taken various preventive/precautionary measures to counter drones which inter-alia include framing of SOPs for countering drones, adequate deployment of troops and patrolling, and deployment of surveillance equipment.

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