Drunk Man Bites Venomous Viper For Allegedly ‘Crossing His Path’ In A Chilling Video

Now that states have been allowed to sell liquor, a story like this seems obvious. So, we are not surprised but only wondering what else alcohol can make one do.

In a strange incident, a man literally bit a snake into pieces in Karnataka and goosebumps are on while I write this story for you.

The man, who hails from Kolar, in Karnataka, was so drunk that he stopped his vehicle when the snake allegedly crossed his path and bit it into pieces. He was also seen shouting at the snake; like it could understand any word he said. He was repeatedly saying, “How dare you block my path,” and then went ahead to bite the snake.

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The man told TOI that he didn’t know that the snake was poisonous but was confident that nothing would happen to him.

The internet, like always found the funny side of the bizarre story.

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The incident came as states, including Karnataka, lift up the ban on the sale of liquor. Karnataka registered sale of liquor worth Rs 45 crore on May 4 when the shops opened the first time after days of close down.

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