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Drunk Uber Driver Caught In Viral Video, Even More Shocking Is Something Else

Another menacing tale of a drunk Uber driver emerges in Bengaluru when a passenger named Surya Orugnti tweeted his image along with these lines on his wall,

The ride back from Bangalore airport was not quite what I expected. The driver was drunk and drowsy. I had to pull the car over to the side and I drove all the way home. The pic with the driver in the rider seat passed out. You need to fix this @Uber, @Uber_Support.”

This is not a single case of horrid dramas of these cab drivers of the so-called safe modes of transport. Every once in a short while, a story of these out of control cabbies emerges and leaves us shell-shocked. Especially by women passengers.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages are flooded with such complaints against these troublemakers and it wouldn’t be too extreme a statement to say that most of the people who prefer to travel via cabs have faced such situations at least once during their travels.

Details of the Case:

What is all the more alarming in this story is that the driver who was supposed to pick the passenger had changed by the time he reached the airport for pick up.

The driver on the app was not the same one that arrived.

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And the company that runs the cabs, has not even a slightest of a clue of these swap-ceremonies performed by these drivers.

Does the company have no way of knowing about these swaps or state of their driver’s drunkenness?

How come these drivers fool the safety teams and do whatever they want on the roads, playing with the lives of passengers?

Even after repeated complaints and supported proofs given by the passengers from time to time, there are still no permanent safety measures in place.

No satisfactory steps yet taken by these money-minting hounds who charge exorbitant prices for even a small distance in the name of providing luxury.

Forget luxury, it is hard to get even basic element like security in these cabs!!

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Who is the Culprit?

Is it the drunk driver only?

What about the companies who hire them with minimalistic requirements at cheap remunerations and sends them out into the roads, a walking danger to themselves and everyone else?

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What safety guidelines do they make sure the driver follows, because we haven’t seen any besides the GPS tracking system. But is that enough to make sure, the right driver is reaching the pick-up point and he isn’t under the influence of alcohol.


What should we as passengers do?

It is about time, we make a noise against such a menace crawling freely on the roads and let not these private companies escape with a mere “our safety team is having this addressed” kind of statements.

  • Stay alert
  • Keep a track of the driver’s physical fitness
  • If you feel there isn’t something right, just leave the cab on time.
  • It is always better to go to the office via carpool instead of taking these cabs terrorizing the roads.
  • Women travelers should always inform someone close with details.
  • Boycott these cabs entirely, if there are repeated incident and instead go by public transport, at least it is the safer medium.
Let’s not stay cocooned into believing it wouldn’t happen to me because honestly, it can happen to anyone.


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