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Dry, Itchy Skin Home Remedies That Will Solve The Problem Once And For All

Are you suffering from dry, itchy skin?

Most of you suffer from dry skin, even after you apply moisturizer after a shower, don’t you? Ever tried to understand why this happens?

Let me teel you, this happens because you are doing some rookie mistakes in your shower and after-bath routine. Before I give away the dry, itchy skin home remedies, you should learn what mistakes you have been doing.

The mistakes you do

Most of end up doing silly mistakes and as a result, your skin loses moisture to become dry and itchy. It’s annoying, I know. But it happens because you were not thinking of consequences.

1. Using the same bath products

itchy skin home remedies

Have you been using the same soap or body wash that you were using in October? I know, most of you don’t bother switching bath products but apparently, you should. As seasons change your body requirements, change too.

So, change bath products according to the month. Summer products in a hot season and vice versa.

2. Not using fresh towels

itchy skin home remedies no dirty towels

If you use the same towel everyday, which is mostly half dry, you are calling for trouble. If you don’t sun dry your towel every day and wash it every week, it could be the sole reason behind your dry itchy skin.

Not using fresh towels hales bacterial growth on the towel as well as your skin, making it dry and itchy.

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3. Hot showers drain moisture

itchy skin home remedies no hot shower

If you think that taking a hot shower is really good for your skin and that you are eliminating all toxins, you are wrong. Hot showers also drain away all the moisture and make your skin dry.

You should never use hot water to bathe, use warm water instead.

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4. Rubbing towel rigorously

itchy skin home remedies

Most of you dry your skin by rubbing your towel with so much pressure that the outer skin gets irritated. As a result, you get flaky and itchy skin because you have already soaked in the left behind moisture of your skin.

Never ever do that. Always pat dry your skin with a fresh towel.

Dry, Itchy Skin Home Remedies

You know the mistakes you had been doing that you ended up with dry itchy skin in the first place. But if you make these small changes in your shower regimen, you will end up with soft and supple skin. Here are the dry, itchy skin home remedies that will give you a supple skin all over your body.

1. Use fresh towels

itchy skin home remedies

Using fresh towels can stop any kind of bacterial or fungal growth and also make sure that your skin doesn’t get any kind of infection. Also, it absorbs only the excess of water as it is dry.

Wet and used towels tend to absorb more moisture and can even cause allergies.

2. Use body moisturizer immediately after bath

itchy skin home remedies apply moisturizer after bath

Instead of waiting to dress up and then apply lotion on your exposed skin, make it a ritual to apply body moisturizer all over your body after you have pat dry yourself with the fresh towel.

This will make sure that your skin absorbs it as the pores are open after a shower.

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3. Use a cream based soap or gel

itchy skin home remedies use cream soap

Instead of using the normal soap that you use to bathe in summers, use a cream based gel or bar like -Dove, for winters. This will give your skin the extra nourishment it needs during the cold month.

Also, use lukewarm water for the soaping stage as it will get easily absorbed by your skin.

4. Scrub before shower

itchy skin home remedies apply moisturizer after bath scrub before shower

Instead of applying scrub during or after the shower, scrub before you hop in. This will give your skin the time to remove the dirt from your skin. After that, when you take a shower, your skin gets cleaned to the core.

Also, scrubbing exfoliates your skin and shower soothes it down.

5. Apply glycerine or shea butter on exposed skin

itchy skin home remedies shea butter

Once you are done and out of the shower, apply another coat of glycerine or shea butter based cream on your hands, legs, and face. This will help you draw out moisture from the air itself.

Also, these products are suitable for all kinds of dry and itchy skin.

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You now have the access to itchy skin home remedies. And the changes that you need to make in your shower ritual are easy and doable. So, don’t worry about your dry skin and start making these changes for supple and smooth skin.

And oh, now you can’t even skip the shower!

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