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Meet The World’s Dumbest Jewelry Thief Who Is From Thailand

The internet is already filled with failed robbery videos. A few weeks ago, we covered a story of Jewelry staff scaring off robbers with swords in Canada. And if you think that those were some stupid robbers, wait till you see this viral video.

Presenting the world’s dumbest jewelry thief, who is from Thailand. This guy managed to steal an expensive necklace from the jewelry shop. But, was unable to take it out of the store. Recently a video went viral which shows that you also need a brain to be a thief.

What has happened?

Recently the authorities of Thai police uploaded a video on social media, in which you can see a stupid thief, who tried to run away with the necklace from a jewelry shop. But his attempt ended up in nothing but a hilarious fail. Like for real.

Suphachai Panthong is the name of this 27-year old guy who thought stealing is a sprint race.

dumbest jewelry thief

The thief walked into a jewelry store in Choburi, Thailand and asked if they have any good gold necklaces. naturally, the shopkeeper treated him just like any other customer and showed him a gold chain. But he asked the keeper to take out another chain from the display that cost £500.

dumbest jewelry thief

He tried it on and pretended to admire the gold and the design of the necklace before making a run towards the exit.

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dumbest jewelry thief

Though, his plan was foiled by the active presence of keepers mind. Because, as soon as he noticed something is wrong, he had locked the main entrance without letting the thief know about it.

dumbest jewelry thief

Unable to exit the store with the stolen necklace, the thief realized that he is screwed. The CCTV footage shows him walking back towards the keeper, taking off the necklace and handing it over to the keeper. The internet has already crowned him with a title of world’s dumbest jewelry thief. And I couldn’t agree more.

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In Conclusion:

The man was arrested for his act of attempt to steal. The CCTV footage captured his entire act of stupidity and went viral on social media. I bet he will be trolled for this for his entire life.

However, you can still take a lesson from this viral video, which is- ‘If you don’t have brains, you can’t even become a thief. ‘
You can watch the video here:

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