Dying Humanity: After Pregnant Elephant A Pregnant Cow’s Jaw Blown Off After She Was Fed Crackers Filled Food

While Kerala’s case of a pregnant elephant’s death was not enough to highlight the lack of humanity there came another. A pregnant cow has fallen prey to the loss of humanity. The methodology is the same the pregnant cow was fed food filled with explosive crackers. The news has come to light from Himachal Pradesh.

As per reports from Hindustan Times, the cow’s jaw was blown off by firecracker-laced food. A senior police officer of Bilaspur district said the cow was fed firecrackers stuffed in the wheat dough.  The incident has been reported to have taken place on May 26 in the Jhandutta area of Bilaspur district.

It came to light when cow’s owner Gurdayal Singh uploaded a video of the injured bovine on social media last Saturday. The video went viral and the demand for strict action against the culprits started gaining pace. Singh has alleged that his neighbor Nand Lal did the act.   

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Police have registered a case under Section 286 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Locals have said that farmers in Himachal Pradesh also practice such methods to save their crops from wild animals. 

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