Monday Motivation: Earth Naturally Fix Largest 1 Million Square Km Ozone Layer Hole Above Arctic

The global pandemic has shown us the Earth’s capability to heal itself without needing any help from humans. And in one such similar incident, Earth has finally, naturally, healed a large ozone layer hole above the Arctic.

Once spread in an area over 1 million square kilometers, the hole is now healed and closed. The hole over time had spread to the South due to the air currents and could have possessed threat on humans had it not been healed.

However, Copernicus’ Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) and Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), implemented on behalf of the European Commission, in a tweet confirmed that the hole has been healed.

However, if you think the reduced pollution has resulted in the healing than you would be wrong. The healing is the result of the polar vortex – high-altitude currents bringing cold air to the polar regions. 

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The study finds that polar vortex was very strong this year. This resulted in the creation of stratospheric clouds that destroyed the ozone layer by reacting with CFC gases.
Source India Times

However, as the polar vortex weakened, normalcy returned in the region. The scientist say creations of Arctic holes is a normal condition followed by the change of weather. However, a hole this big is dreadful.

The only way to reduce the formation of such holes is to part ways from oozing out CFC gases, use of which was banned by 1987 Montreal Protocol

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