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9 Easy Dishes For Holi That Will Make It Better For Bachelors (And Those Who Stay Far From Home)

Hoil is celebrated best when you are with family and friends, right?

But when you stay far from home, it becomes just like any other holiday where you either sleep the whole day or get drunk AF. But when it comes to holi, all you can settle down for is a major missing of Holi cuisines that you won’t be able to eat.

But folks, this year you can stop the missing part and go with these easy dishes that will give a full-on holi feel. Here are 9 easy dishes for holi that you can either cook (or order) or take help from your friends and become a chef for the day.

1. McCain’s nuggets

dishes for holi

No matter if you can cook or not, this dish is simple and sorted. All you need to do is stock up your freezer with all varieties of McCains. When you want to ready up the meal, just deep fry in hot oil and chop some salad to go with it. You can even make a dip for the side.

Within a few minutes, you will have a tasty meal to munch on with your gang. The point is, you are bound to have munchies after glasses of bhang. (wink) And who knows, maybe you end up eating 5 packets. You never know.

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2. Bhang Pakorey

dishes for holi

Ok, this one is the bomb. It will give you mild high and also spice up your holi. I know you would still miss your family, but at least those crispy pakorey will give you a homely feel. You can easily procure ‘Bhang’ from shops and mix it with chopped onion, gobi (any veggies of your choice)

Mix besan (gram flour) to make a sticky mixture of the chopped items. Add salt, bhang, garlic and make a good mix. Dirty your hands and then just give them a quick fry making little balls out of the mixture.

3. Thandai

dishes for holi

The cool and chilled glass of Thandai (mixed with bhang) is just amazing. No matter how angry, pissed or bored you are on holi, a Thandai glass calms you down and makes you feel much better than before. And it doesn’t require rocket science to make one.

Just get a bottle of Thandi and store milk packets before holi. The only thing you need to do is mix milk with Thandi and add ice accordingly. If you like to add that extra twist, go ahead and mix some bhang. You will love it and so will your friends.

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4. Dahi-Bhalle

dishes for holi

Ok, I know most you must be thinking, there is no way in hell you will be able to make this dish at home. So, I have a loophole for that. Just stock up your fridge with bhalle from any sweet and snack shop the evening before holi.

Ask them to pack the dahi separate from bhalle and serve it the next morning right before you want to consume it. It will be hassle free but it is going to give you the feeling that it is made at home. Not as tasty as your mom makes, but still it will do the job.

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5. Mutton

dishes for holi

For those of you who are vegan, I’m sorry but this is a dish that is made in most of the north Indian homes on holi. Though some of you might not know how to make it, you can easily order it a day before from some authentic Mughal restaurant and freeze it.

Warm it up real good the holi morning and cook some rice to go along with it. Chp a few onions ring and squeeze lemon on top to get the complete Mughal to go with your mutton and rice.

6. Kheer

dishes for holi

This is really simple. Even if you don’t know how to cook, I would say that making kheer is pretty easy. You do know how to boil milk, right? Perfect. Just add half a cup of rice (or 1 cup if you have guests coming over) to 2 liters of boiled milk and let it cook. Double the quantity of milk if you are adding 1 cup of rice.

Add the same amount of sugar after the rice is cooked and it starts looking thicker. Keep stirring to avoid burning kheer and in the end, add cardamom powder and dry fruits on top. Let it cool down for a few hours. You can make it a day before holi and serve it chilled the next day.

7. Lassi

dishes for holi

Lassi lovers know how important it is to add bhang to the concoction on holi. Just store curd in ample amounts a day before holi and keep your mixer ready for some job. Mix dahi (curd) with sugar, a little bit of bhang, salt and rose water in the mixer. Give it a good spin.

Pour them into tall glasses (or plastic if you know your friends are going to break the glass one) and sprinkle some chopped almonds on top. Enjoy with your friends and get ready for some tripping because hey, its one of the dishes for holi you can’t miss.

8. Roasted dry fruits

dishes for holi

The easiest fix for holi snack can be dry fruits. Stock up all kinds of dry fruits a day before holi. You can really go wild with your choices. Pick up almonds, cashew, walnuts, flax seeds, pistachio etc. It is one the easiest dishes for holi you can make yourself.

Just heat up some ghee and toss them good for a couple of minutes. Let them cool down and sprinkle some rock salt. Take it out in a fancy bowl and just imagine that your mum is handing them over while you lay on your couch. It will be a happy feeling. Try it.

9. Fries chat

dishes for holi

This one is for those who want to get that street food feel on holi, but don’t have the means to produce a gourmet chaat. But, don’t worry. You can save your spice deprived souls with fries chaat. Heat up some oil, dip the fries in hot oil and fry until they are golden brown.

Set them aside and chop some onion, tomatoes, spring onions and greens. Sprinkle some lime juice, mayonnaise and spicy sauces that you have in your fridge. Just don’t drench the fries as they will turn soggy. Give them a good mix and serve in small trays.

Now you know what to do

I know, spending any festival away from family just sucks. But don’t let this ruin your holi. I am sure your parents and relatives would want you to eat festive food on holi. So, don’t just stock up alcohol crates, shop for food and snacks to go with it. This way you won’t overdo anything on holi and still be in a decent state the next day. (not dying with a hangover)

Moreover, the dishes for holi I have mentioned above doesn’t require many efforts. Most of the dishes just needs you to prepare in advance. Now, take your pick and decide what would you eat this holi. Just don’t forget adding bhang to lassi and thandai.

On that note, happy holi to you!

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