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These Flowers Can Take Your Cooking Up A Notch (Edible Flowers List With Pictures)

If you love spring, you must love flowers. The bright colors, beautiful petals, and its fragrance adds another charm to the atmosphere. Since ages, chefs have been using edible flowers to decorate and add succulent flavors to their masterpieces.

If you didn’t that you can eat flowers, well, here it is. Edible flowers can be used for cooking. All you need to do now is run through an edible flowers list (with pictures), so that you don’t confuse them with other flowers,  and take your pick. And oh, some even have medicinal properties.

Thankfully, now there is an edible flowers list with pictures you can refer to. Here are the beautiful and colorful flowers that can also be used in cooking-

1. Chamomile

Edible flowers list with pictures

A small, white flower which is known for its relaxing properties. Chamomile is usually drunk in a tea form. You can add honey for sweetness only when you don’t like the actual flavor.  You can even add it to your salads or use it to garnish any dish. The pretty flower not only looks good but also has a sweet flavor to it.

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The flavor is sweet and blends perfectly with a dessert. You can also use it for having better sleep by drinking chamomile tea before bedtime.

2. Lavender

Edible flowers list with pictures

A beautiful purple colored flower with a sweet perfume. The flower is associated with calming properties. It also relaxes you and calms down your nerves. You can use it any soup or even flavor a bakery item with it by mixing it with the batter. It has a slightly citrusy taste.

Due to its subtle flavors, you can use it for both salty and sweet cuisines.

3. Squash Blossoms (Zucchini flower)

Edible flowers list with pictures

The bright yellow and orange shades of squash blossoms might make you think they are sweet. But they aren’t. These edible flowers are the ones that can be used for savory dishes. You can fry them with cheese or bake them with any filling.

They are soft, thin and delicate. Zucchini flowers taste mildly like the squash itself.

4. Calendula (Marigold)

Edible flowers list with pictures

One of the most commonly found edible flowers is marigold. It is mostly used in tea or soups. Though, you need to acquire a taste if you are not used to flowery flavors. It has a peppery finish to it in if eaten.

It has a slight lime flavor. Mix it with mushroom soup or drink it with tea for strong flavor.

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5. Cilantro (Chinese Parsley)

Edible flowers list with pictures

Small white flowers with a smell of freshness. Commonly, known as Chinese parsley, it is one of the most common herbs used in cooking. It’s not just the green leaf that can be used in salads. The flavor of cilantro flowers is the same as the flower.

Add to your salads, veggies or toss it on any snack for garnishing.

6. Basil

Edible flowers list with pictures

Tiny purple colored flowers which have a tinge of minty flavor to it. You can very well add them on your pizza, pasta or even soup. It’s one of the most versatile edible flowers. used in Asian and Italian cooking.

These purple edible flowers have a mild flavor and blend well with dishes.

7. Hibiscus

Edible flowers list with pictures

Usually bright red or orange in color, hibiscus is one of the best earthy flavors you can add to your dish. The bright colored petals add a distinct color to the cuisine when infused in water. You can even add a tinge of alcohol as summer is approaching.

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Pair it with like for a more balanced taste and enjoy with a chill the beverage before consuming.

In Conclusion:

Know you’ll know flowers don’t only smell good but they some of them actually taste good as well. So don’t forget to use above-mentioned edible flowers to your diet.



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