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This Latest Innovation Can Help Get Rid of Excessive Usage of Plastic Bottles

Usage of plastic in the form of bottles, or packaging is so deep rooted into our daily use that even if we try to eradicate a few of these, we still end up using them by default.

We are still far away from viable solutions to eliminate plastic from our planet in its entirety.

A study claims that there are a million plastic bottles sold every minute and this figure is forecasted to go up in near future.

a Million plastic bottles

All-the-more shocking is that around 20,000 bottles are produced every second in the world. Most of these are for one time use like bottled water or cold drink bottles. Once used and thrown in the bin, collecting and recycling these bottles becomes a mammoth task.

And you know the worst fact of all, more than 13 million tons of plastic gets discarded into the rivers and oceans every year.

We all know what happens then. It is ingested by fish and other living organisms in the sea. So much so that by 2050 there will be more plastic weight in the oceans than the fish. Would you be ready to replace your favorite fish with plastic on your plate then?


I am sure all of you have come across this image by Nat Geo on social media doing the rounds a while back.

It is no myth or trick photography, it is a scary truth of our modern world.

So, what exactly are we doing to stop the toxin?
Apparently, not enough.

However, researchers and scientists are busy seeking alternatives of plastic and some even have come up with solutions like edible pods, mass cleaning of the ocean by manufacturing huge nets, and even creating products with all the qualities of the plastic but with natural ingredients.

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Let us know more about these edible pods that can be a great alternative to plastic bottles and plastic packaging used for edible liquid items:

1. Made by Skipping Rocks Lab in London, these bubbles are being called Ooho.
2. These are thin bubbles made of seaweed – all natural and easily biodegradable.
3. Made from 100% plants, these automatically biodegrade within 4 to 6 weeks, that is if you throw the peel after consuming the content.

4. You can also eat it whole, there is no harm caused by these thin bubbles as they are all natural.
5. The seaweed membrane can hold any kind of liquid. From water, juice, mayo, sauces, shakes and to even soaps inside these bubbles.

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6. Just pop the whole thing in your mouth or suck the content and throw the rest.

7. They can be made in any colour or flavour you like.

8. Just take these tiny bubbles on the go to your class, your office and even to the park or the gym.
9. Put them in your burgers or subs and your burger is ready to eat.
10. Producing one bubble causes five times less carbon dioxide than a plastic bottle. So, apart from saving on plastic, we end up saving on letting less carbon into the air, hence, less air pollution.
11. The saving part doesn’t just end there, the production cost of one bubble is just two cents, way less than manufacturing a plastic bottle.

In Conclusion:

In a world full of plastic, we are in a constant need of more such innovations that can help us eliminate plastic from our daily life. It is not enough to just replace plastic bottles. We need to find more solutions to abolish every form of plastic from our usage.

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There is already enough plastic floating around wherever the eyes can see, and the worst part is only 10% of that plastic is ever going to be recycled. Most of it is still lying around, deteriorating our nature and putting us all in a danger of unstoppable calamities.
Eating out of plastic cups and utensils are increasing the health hazards and sprouting ailments that were never heard of before.

It is time, we take serious measures to defecate plastic from our precious lives and planet. Alas, only if we hadn’t blindly followed the “everything must be plastic trend”, the world wouldn’t be in this situation now. Remember how good old glass and steel bottles were?


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