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Music Disrupts Your Creativity, You Better Stop Listening Music While Doing Something Creative

Inspiration is something that everyone tries to find so that they can be super creative with their jobs. Some go for a walk before starting their essay, some like to sit near the window while enjoying the sunset.

But most of you put on your earphones and listen to music, in order to keep the creative juice flowing. After all, it helps with relaxation. The music beats matches with your heartbeats and makes you calm. Or at least that’s what everyone thinks.

You might be under the assumption that you use your creativity better when you are hearing your favorite track. But that is wrong. Music doesn’t help you with your creativity. According to a study, music disrupts your creativity and points out the bad effects of listening to music.

What’s this study?

effects of listening to music

Recently, British and Swedish scientists carried out research on how our brain works in the presence of background music. The research was carried out on humans who were given a very simple test to determine the effect of music on creativity.

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But before that, they were divided into two groups, group one was sent to a quiet environment. While the other group was exposed to background music.

Then three different words were given to each volunteer test subjects (e.g. flower, dial, day). They have to find a common word that they can use with all the three words to make a new word (e.g. Sunflower, Sundial, Sunday).

The results can in favor of group one, as the people who were giving this simple test in a quiet environment were able to find new words easily when compared to people of group two.

effects of listening to music

The research concluded that disrupted creativity is one of the bad effects of listening to music. Listing to music is not going to help you to complete your manuscript or that pending presentation. You might get a new idea while listing to music, but it is not a good idea to put on your earphone while you are trying to write something.

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Still, don’t understand?

effects of listening to music

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To make it simple, let me ask you, do you hear the words in your mind as you press on those keyboard keys? Well of course you do, it is like a faint voice inside your head that is speaking out the words that you are typing.

Now imagine what’ll happen if you start listening to music. It’ll become hard for you to listen to the song of words that your mind needs to play. Instead, you are making a mess inside your head by listening to Metallica.

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In Conclusion:

Music playing in the background will disrupt your words and make it hard for you to do something creative.

If you think music can help you to pace up things than now you the effects of listening to music. You should not listen to music while doing creative work.

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