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Do You Feel Stressed All The Time? It Could The Effects Of Not Eating Properly

Stress is a common factor that troubles each soul equally in their hard life. But what most people don’t know is that stress is also one of the side effects of not eating.

Though some may blame it on the unruly traffic they face every day, and some might blame it on various other problem they think is the source of their stress, the truth differs.

Why do you feel stressed?

effects of not eating

Instead of sulking and getting irritated, have you ever tried to pay attention to what is actually making you feel this way? Most of you don’t.

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Let me tell you –  if you sit back and think of the time that you felt stressed, you will notice that you were hungry. This happens because of the sudden drop in glucose level in your body.

When this happens, your mood gets instantly affected.

The effects of not eating properly

effects of not eating

You might want to brush this off as a one time instant that you became stressed and blurted out your stress on someone else, but the reality is different. Each time your mood gets affected due to variation in glucose levels, it lasts longer than the previous one.

If this goes on for a longer term, you are most likely to be caught in the spiral of depression. As it leaves a lasting effect on your mood, you will stay pissed for a longer period and eventually it will become your characteristic trait.

Most of the people won’t like to associate with someone who easily loses patience and stress creating trouble for himself and the people around.

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The impact of a hungry stomach

effects of not eating

Most of the times, stress and depression is related to psychological traits. But what you eat and how long you stay hungry also matters and affects your mood more than you think.

An empty stomach lowers down the glucose levels in your body, thereby giving you a hunger pang. When you ignore it due to work pressure or prior commitments, it adds up to the already existing stress and encompasses you with a feeling of anxiety.

Eventually, stress becomes your best friend and you tend to lose focus or perform badly.

What should you do?

effects of not eating

Instead of blaming the stress on what not, try and take care of your eating habits. If you don’t get time to take a proper meal, try eating healthy snacks on the go.

Don’t skip meals and make sure that you keep your glucose levels up. Staying on an empty stomach for long also makes your mood irritated and you tend to be rude.

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This will also destroy your social circle making you more prone to depression.

In Conclusion:

Stress is one of the worst effects of not eating. You are already hungry and are pissed at everything in the world. Stop this from happening and better watch out your eating habits.

Don’t let hunger stop you from doing your best. Keep eating healthy after a few hours and you will see that you are more productive happy and stress -free.

On that note, happy healthy eating, and bye-bye stress! 

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