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Are You A Night Owl? If Yes, This Is Why 9-to-5 Job Is Hard For You!

Waking up early is not how everyone likes to start their day. Most of you love your precious sleep, especially when the sun starts to rise and traffic comes on the street.

Although, every night owl knows that this is wrong. But, what can you do? After all, watching “Mentalist” is also important. But what’s more important is remembering the fact that you have to go to work the next morning!

In research, it was found that people who like to stay-up late face various problem during a regular morning shift (9-to-5 job) and these are some bad effects of staying up late.

What was that research?

effects of staying up late

The brain of people who are addicted to staying up late functions differently when it is compared with the happy morning people. In a study, that was carried out at the University of Birmingham in the U.K. found out that people who like to stay up late have lower brain connectivity.

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If you don’t know, brain connectivity helps to measure the sync of various regions of the brain. It affects the human’s ability to concentrate and react. People who stay up late have to deal with lower brain connectivity. This affects your ability to focus, react and also make you feel tired throughout their day job.

The research on 38 subjects

effects of staying up late

To carry out the study, researchers invited 38 volunteers and listed them on the basis of their chronotype (when someone likes to wake-up, sleep, exercise and many more) after asking them to fill the questionnaire.

After that, they went back to follow their daily routine but called back again to give tests. Once they are done with all, they had to undergo an MRI scan to measure the levels of melatonin and cortisol in the body. Researchers also asked them how sleepy they felt throughout the day.

What was the result?

effects of staying up late

The research finds out that the people who love to see the rising sun don’t feel sleepy through-out the day, during the morning test their reaction time was also normal (or impressive in some case). While on the other hand night owls had to face quite some difficulties. They felt sleepy throughout the day.

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It was until night, that their body felt tiring. They showed the best reaction during the night time. Though their reaction time was still not better than the people who like to wake up early.

Disadvantages of staying up late

effects of staying up late

This is a disadvantage for the night owls. As their brain connectivity is low throughout the day, which limits them from giving their best performance. The night owls felt least sleepy after 8 PM and only after that their brain showed better brain connectivity.

Staying up late also increases the chances of getting diabetes, muscle loss, high blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels.

Not just this but there are many other harmful effects of staying up late. Another study revealed the change in the behavior of teenagers also gets affected because of staying up late. It can end up making them reckless and have less self-control.

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In Conclusion:

After reading about this research and knowing about the bad effects of staying up late, I’ve already started to get up on time. Otherwise, I know, getting up late is not only going to make me late for the work.

But it’ll also limit my performance and ability to think. I don’t think you want to limit your performance and creativity either. So, start making some good changes in your life.

Turn off your computer, put your phone on silent and start counting sheep for a good night sleep and happy day at work.

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