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Elderly German Couple’s Epic Dance Moves Are Killing Netizens

What’s your aging goal? Whatever it is, this elderly German couple is going to challenge that.

By the way, how do you wish to be when you are in your 70’s? Do you plan to stay fit and travel the world? Or do you wish to be surrounded by your grandkids while you confine yourself to a bed because of old age?

Well, I don’t about you, but I for sure would want to stay as fit as this elderly German couple.

Who is this much talked about elderly German couple?

Meet Dietmar Ehrentraut aged 70, and his wife Nellia aged 64. This awesome couple was caught on camera performing a rock and roll routine at a dance competition.

elderly german couple dance

I bet after watching the video you will agree that their dancing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

elderly german couple dance

Additionally, you will also agree that this elderly couple’s dance moves are enough to give even professional dancers an inferiority complex.

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elderly german couple dance

I mean it is definitely not easy to do what they are doing, right?

elderly german couple dance

According to the news, these two have been dancing together for the past 60 years.

elderly german couple dance

They were actually unaware when the video was being shot.

elderly german couple dance

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Where was this video shot?

This epic video of elderly German couple was shot in 2017, during a dancing competition in Bavaria, Germany. The amazing couple was awarded the veterans cup for their routine. Thanks to a Twitter user @tinabob, who shared it again on his account and Netizens went crazy all over again.

Seems like these two are magically in love with each other and their dance as well. Because clearly dancing together for 60 years is a very tough job, which these two clearly are enjoying to the core.

Watch the amazing couple here:

Netizens reaction on the video

The unbelievable dance moves of this elderly German couple not only amazed netizens but also set the bar of aging goals very high for all of us. Netizens are in awe and at the same time, most of them are under a beautiful shock.



In Conclusion:

I don’t know about the rest of you but for me, this as THE aging goal. I just wish that I get a good and energetic dancer as my husband. Just like this German dude, who is ready to set the floor on fire. (even when we are in our 70’s)

I still can’t get over those killer moves!!!

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