Electric Vs Petrol Scooter, A Guide For Which One To Choose

The two-wheeler industry has transformed drastically in recent years. Petrol scooters are still the prominent and widely used ones, but electric scooters are also paving their way. Are you willing to buy a two-wheeler? But have you got a lot of questions regarding which one to choose, electric vs petrol scooter, this is the right spot for you.

Comparing Features of Electric vs Petrol Scooter

Electric Scooter Vs Petrol Scooter, A Guide For Which One To Choose Between The Two

Technology and changes are for every industry. The same goes for the two-wheeler Industry. The arrival of electric scooters has provided customers with a variety of options and making a wise decision while selecting one can be a tough deal for some. To make it easier for you, we are making a comparison between electric vs petrol scooter by taking several parameters like pricing and operational range into consideration.


The electric scooters are environmentally friendly and are not affordable in comparison to the petrol ones. The top-rated electric scooters run using lithium batteries which are expensive and are not a good choice for those who are concerned about the pricing. The pricing of the petrol scooters is usually decided by the capacity of the engine. The other aspect of this is that the prices of petrol are constantly rising and people are choosing electric scooters.

Fuel Cost

The second point of comparison is the fuel cost. The fuel cost is minus or says absent in the case of electric scooters. Petrol scooters run around 50-60 km on 1 liter of petrol. Some of them can even go up to 100 km. But if one is having a vision about the long-run aspect, then the electric scooters seem like a better option. Presently, there are a limited number of charging stations in India, and the option of self-charging technology can be considered.

Range of Operations

The prominence of any vehicle is largely determined by the range of operations it offers. The electric scooters are considered ideal for covering short distances as there is a lack of easy access to the charging stations. Petrol scooters are best suited for covering large distances as there are petrol pumps around every location. The newly developed self-charging electric scooters can be used for long distances shortly.


If we talk about this parameter, then electric scooters will win. Electric scooters need just a charged battery and basic cleaning of the parts. The petrol scooter requires cleaning and servicing, and sometimes there is also a need to change the damaged parts.


The petrol scooter is more convenient as it requires petrol to run which is easily accessible. On the other hand, electric scooter batteries require a minimum of two hours of charging. If you have a removable battery then you can charge it at your home also. But the lack of easy access to the charging stations remains a hurdle.

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We compared electric vs petrol scooters using different parameters. These parameters can help you in making a wise decision. If you have access to charging points and you cover short distances, then electric scooters can be an option for you. If you don’t have access and you cover long distances, you can go with a petrol scooter. Convey your thoughts regarding the same.

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