Elephant Santa Delivers Gifts To Children At Thai School

When Santa Claus couldn’t come to meet and greet each one of us individually, he sends his deers to do the job for him. However, due to some reasons, his deers were not doing well this year. Or say, caught up with personal issues. So want now? Who’s gonna deliver gifts now?

Well, an Elephant dressed as Santa at Santa Claus.

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In what was a pure delight to watch, elephants dressed as Santa were seen gifting Santa surprises to the students at the Jirasartwitthaya School in Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok.

While this may amuse most of us, but receiving gifts by elephant Santa is a pretty usual sight for the children at the school. Since the last fifteen years, Santa doesn’t only distribute gifts to the students but also shows them tricks.

The highlight of the show was elephants joining students to form a Christmas tree together.

Santa Claus

“I’m very happy to see them and they are very cute. I love elephants because it dances very cute,“ says Patcharamon Sukpiromsunti, a primary school student.

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ViralBake Telegram

This time around, as many as four elephants came in to entertain the students, which is one less than the last time. Hmm!! maybe the fifth one is busy showing tricks to other students.

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