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5 Questions That Can Help You Build More Emotional Intimacy With Your Partner

A while ago I wrote an article to help my friends. It was titled as, “how to get into a more indulging conversation with your crush.” And now he is in relation.

So, just like him if you are also in a relationship and thinking of how you can get more close to your partner. Here are the 5 questions that you can ask your partner to get emotionally close.

1. Who Did You Love The Most In Your Childhood?

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Your childhood is the treasure of some of the most cherished memories of your life. And if you can get to know about some of her best deep-memories, the conversation can turn out to be an interesting one. Plus you’ll get to know about what she admires in the past. Will help to get emotional intimacy.

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2. What you wanted to become when you were a kid?

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The question might sound funny but it can open up a window to your partner’s soul. You will get to know about her dreams, her aspiration and hope. We all wanted to become something silly, like pirates, race car drivers or maybe a princess. Don’t look for logic, and don’t judge. Let her open up to you and enjoy the intimate conversation with your partner.

3. When did you first fall in love?

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Talking about first love is quite rare. No one asks and no one tells. As most of the time, the story of first love ends at a wrong note. It can end the conversation. But why you are forgetting that memories of first love are quite charming. At first, your partner might hesitate but once they open to you, they are opening your heart to you. Take care of it, be careful.

4. What Makes You Cry

emotional intimacy

Everyone knows what makes their partner happy. Red roses, chocolates and even balloons are some of the things that make people happy. But if you know what makes your partner cry than they consider you closer than you want. If you don’t know, ask them, you might not get the answer instantly, as it’s not easy for anyone to tell all these things. These are the things only they know about themselves.

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5. What makes you feel connected or disconnected to me?

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Before you ask this question, prepare yourself to face some bitter truth. You might not think you snore at night, but you do and that’s what makes your partner feel disconnected. This is just an example, the real answers might be more hurtful. But in the end, you’ll get to know about how she thinks of you.

In Conclusion:

These are the 5 questions that can help you build more emotional intimacy with your partner. You’ll get into a more indulging conversation, but this time there will be secrets involved in it.

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