Watch: Engineers Build Robot Dolphins For Aquarium So The Real Ones Can Return To Their Home

Do you ever visit a zoo or an aquarium to realise how the animals are kept trapped in there and feel bad about it the whole day? Because same.

Source – Interesting Engineering

Literally, everyone wants freedom but these animals at zoos and aquariums are often deprived of it. However, engineers have come up with a solution to the problem.

In one interesting discovery, engineers have begun to replace dolphins with the robotic prototypes of them.

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Reported first by Gizmodo, Edge Innovations has created a robotic dolphin that looks exactly like the real deal, except it is not. This robotic dolphin moves through the aquarium water just like a real dolphin, which looks both creepy and amazing at the same time.

Source – RNZ

The company has remotely worked with former creative director and VP at Walt Disney, Walt Conti and Roger Holzberg, to come up with the amazing prototype. The robot dolphin weighs 269 kgs and runs on a battery that can go for 10 hours without needing a charge.

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The makers claim that the dolphin doesn’t only looks like a real one but also moves like a real dolphin. The weight is carefully distributed, just like it would be on a real dolphin, to make the movements feel more lifelike.

Source – Interesting Engineering

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The life span of the robot in salty waters is said to be 10 years. And with the creation that looks so real, why would one need to get a real dolphin and trap it inside a glass?

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