eSIM: Definition, Use, Benefits, Conversion Time

The concept of eSIM was first heard when Google launched the world’s first smartphone named Pixel 2 with embedded SIM technology, in 2017. Similarly, Apple also launched XS with an eSIM system in 2018. Furthermore, the majority of iPhone users will begin to use eSIM cards with iPhone 11 in 2019.

eSIM Definition Use Benefits Conversion Time

What is eSIM & How Many Can Used?

An eSIM card is an electronically generated mobile SIM, which unlike Physical SIM Cards need not be inserted into the smartphone. If your smartphone has eSIM support then your carrier network can install these cards digitally in your smartphone to catch connectivity. So, in an iPhone total of eight eSIM cards can be installed and only two can be used at a time.

Conditions and Rules For Converting Physical SIM to eSIM and Vice-Versa

Major telecom giants in India like Jio, VI and Airtel, are now offering eSIM facilities to their consumers. Remember that, the conversion process to get eSIM by replacing a physical SIM Card is very easy with the minimal documentation process, but not the other way around. If you want to switch from eSIM to a Physical SIM card then the process is very lengthy and few customers have a complaint about the process taking months to complete.

eSIM Cards to Make iPhone Safe

First of all, can you track your iPhone even if it is switched off, this is a very general feature that comes with new Apple smartphones. So, even when the device is switched off, users can still track it with Find My iPhone on iCloud. So, why are you able to track it even when it’s turned off? This is because the eSIM cannot be deactivated or turned off without unlocking the smartphone first.

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eSIM Supported Smartphones

“Do note that, only a select number of smartphones support eSIM. While Google and Apple are early adopters of eSIM technology, only the flagship Samsung smartphones offer eSIM support and this feature can also be found on select Motorola and Oppo flagship smartphones like the Find X5 Pro,” mentioned by the Indian Express.

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