Ever Wondered Why Indian Railway Has Red, Blue, Green Coaches?

Indian Railway is ranked second largest in Asia and fourth largest in the whole world. The science and complexity behind the railway systems are too much for a person to handle. A railway system is much more than just a train running on uniquely built tracks. It shocks me every time when I think while travelling on a train how they manage so many complex systems with such integrity.

Differently Coloured Indian Railway Coaches

Recently, while travelling I noticed a unique thing about the railway coaches being differently coloured even working in the same zone. Suddenly my curiosity awakened and I Googled all about it.

So, Let Me Tell You About Indian Railway Coaches:

Blue Coach

Blue Coach

The majority of the railway coaches are blue, this means they all were ICF made, or integrated coaches. They are designed to travel at speeds ranging from 70 to 140 kilometres per hour. These coaches are specially manufactured for super fast trains and are equipped with efficient air brakes.

Red Coach

Red Coach

Red coaches of Indian Railway are also known as Link Hoffmann Bush, transported from Germany in 2000. Earlier they were only made in other countries, but now are being produced in Kapurthala, Punjab. They are all light-weighted, made with Aluminum, have disc brakes and can travel at the speed of 200 Km/hr. These coaches are mainly utilized by superfast express trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi to help them travel faster.

Green Coach And Others

Green Coach And Others

Green coaches are mainly used for Garib Rath trains. Also, there are some brown coloured train coaches used by the meter gauge trains and narrow gauge trains which in India are almost out of service.

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What Role Does Stripes Play On Indian Railway Coaches?

Differently coloured stripes are painted on the ICF coaches, but they are not just for show. They play a crucial part, they help the staff to differentiate between the coaches after being painted from the above to the last window. For example, white coloured stripes on blue railway coaches represent unreserved second-class railcars. On the other hand, green stripes on grey coaches indicate that they are for only women.

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