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32 Every Day Idioms You Need To Add In Your Lingo To Sound Smart

Every language has their own plus points. Some have cool pronunciations, some have epic slangs and some have funny sounding words.

But as I just have a good hold on one language, i.e. English, I use idioms. Mostly I brag that I know all the idioms, to show off that I know my shit. But trust me, using them actually makes a lot of difference. (especially on girls, they think you are smart)

Native English speakers love to use these short phrases in their sentences as they sound more interesting and make your sentence look beautiful. And now, it’s your turn to shine.

So mates, to help you look cool and make your sentence sounds wise, here are the 32 idioms that you can totally use in your daily life.


everyday idioms

Everyone was so scared to give a surprise test but it turned out to be a piece of cake.


everyday idioms

Lectures are always boring, but thanks to my friends for faking an emergency, to get me off the hook.


everyday idioms

Cycling to work will save my time from getting stuck in the traffic and also keep me fit, killing two birds with one stone.


everyday idioms

This jacket looks nothing like its picture on the internet. Now I know, you can’t judge a book by its cover.


everyday idioms

These new smartphones are the best thing since sliced bread.


everyday idioms

Boss said, there are too many errors in this design, so I’m back to the drawing board.


everyday idioms

I knew they were hiding something. When I asked my friends where is my bike is, they started to beat around the bushes and none of them gave a direct answer.


everyday idioms

Watching all those celebrities on the screen makes me get jealous of their lives, they are sitting on the bed of roses.


everyday idioms

By opting for work from home, I can get the best of both worlds. I can sleep longer and don’t even have to shower.


everyday idioms

When he said: I’ll be driving for 12 hours continuously, I knew he was bitting off more than he can chew.


everyday idioms

I think all the work for today is done and we can finally call it a day.


everyday idioms

I was getting late for the work and to add insult to the injury, my car broke down.

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everyday idioms

I have to take a cat nap in the metro. Otherwise, I won’t be able to open my eyes at work.


everyday idioms

It sucks to be a couch potato, but my couch won’t let me get off of it.


everyday idioms

It was not my fault, I told you already, but you kept barking up the wrong tree.


everyday idioms

He was always fascinated by the ghosts, but he didn’t know curiosity killed the cat.


everyday idioms

After losing all my computer data, I realized I’ll never to put all my eggs in one basket.


everyday idioms

He has too many guitars but plays them once in a blue moon.


everyday idioms

It is hard to sleep the night before your trip because all you are going to think about is hit the road.


everyday idioms

I’m feeling exhausted today, after reaching home I am probably going to hit the sack.


everyday idioms

A fight happens between friends but to clear things out, it takes two to tango.


everyday idioms

Engineering colleges are a dime a dozen, but it is hard to find a job to the related field.


everyday idioms

It would be the right choice to say Yes to the foreign job, but it doesn’t matter if you have already missed the boat.


everyday idioms

I don’t need any explanation for what you did as action speaks louder than words.

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everyday idioms

I’ll be pushing up daisies if my dad finds out about my class bunks.


everyday idioms

It is better to memorize things assorted with some image, as a picture paints a thousand words.


everyday idioms

Seeing all those poor homeless people on the sideway is a bitter pill.


everyday idioms

Last night was too much fun, I had a blast at my friend’s party.


everyday idioms

J.K. Rowling inspires me, she is a big fish and that’s why people listen to her.


everyday idioms

When he finally decided to spill the beans, everyone knew it was too late.


everyday idioms

Move on, don’t cry over spilt milk. It’s been a year since she broke up with you.


everyday idioms

Everyone was all ears to know more about my motorbike rides.

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In Conclusion:

Practice these idioms every day to flaunt your English in public and look cool. Also, tell me your favorite idiom and what are the other idioms you think I should add.

Do you have anything out of the box?

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