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“Everything Is Fine” Said The PM In Houston, Is It Really So?

In a one of its kind event held in Houston, last Sunday the “Howdy Modi” our Prime Minister responded to the call uniquely. “Howdy Modi” which is an American way of asking “How is everything Modi” created a buzz on social media all these days. The presence of the U.S. President Trump gave it an additional flavor.

The PM in response to “Howdy Modi” said, “everything is fine” in 8 regional Indian languages (Probably his answer to One Nation One Language Controversy). The crowd at NRG Stadium was up in shouting to PM’s versatility in the use of the language.


However, the real question that arises is that is “Everything Fine” in actual as the PM said. Well, let’s take a look at some facts and then take a call, what say?


The dream of $5 Trillion economy may be sowed in the hearts of we Indians but we are far from achieving it in the next few years. Forget being a $5 Trillion giant the economy is facing its worst phase in last 6 years. The recently released data showed that GDP growth slowed to 5% in the quarter ended June.


The economy is looking for revival and the sectors like Automobile that are one of India’s potential in manufacturing are hit worst by the slowdown. Many big Automobile makers like Tata Motors have cut down their daily production capacities drastically. Results are loss of jobs and lack of demand in the economy.


“Jobless growth” has been an issue with the Indian economy from quite sometimes. However, at present the situation is at the worst in the last four and half-decade.


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As per the National Sample Survey Office’s (NSSO’s) periodic labour force survey (PLFS), India’s unemployment rate stood at a 45-year-high of 6.1 percent in 2017-18. It would only climb upwards as the economy keeps moving in a slowdown mode.


While India has seen a boost from 12% in 1947 to 74% at present (Census 2011) in terms of literacy rate there is still much to be done. The present state of education in India is promoting “rote learning” and creating “unemployable youths” that are liabilities on the nation.


In terms of accessibility, education is still not universally accessible to all. At a time when at the global level there are talks of quality education in India, three-fourth of the children with disabilities at the age of five years and one-fourth between 5-19 years do not go to any educational institution. The high drop out rates among girls is another problem that is yet to be addressed.

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“Ayushman Bharat Yojana” may turn out to be the game-changer but is surely not the panacea for India’s health-related problem. Accessibility and affordability of healthcare is the biggest challenge in front of India at present.


Data show that 47% of poorest children and 30% of richest children in India are not immunized. At a time when nations as big as China and as small as Bhutan are spending at least 3% to 5% of there GDP on health, India aims to spend 2.5%. The average expenditure per person on health is Rs 3 per day by the government ( National Health Accounts (NHA) estimate for 2014-15).


So, what do you think? Is Everything Fine? or there is a need to do something to make everything fine?

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