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Ex-Google Employee Tricks Google Into Showing Her Art Work When You Search “Next American President”

Internet becomes a crucial source of information amidst the ongoing election in the USA. And while you expect Google to answer all your queries on the US election, the search engine itself was fooled recently.

Interestingly, if you access Google on your phone and search “the next American President”, the results would be not Mr. Trump or Mr. Biden’s big faces but some red and blue collages with intricate designs and floral motifs.

This interestingly is no flaw in Google’s algorithm but a clever SEO trick. And the artist named Gretchen Andrew is the master of the art.

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The artist has technically hacked Googled to show her artwork first when someone Googles “the next American President”

next American President
Source CNN

The ex-employee with Google, Ms. Andrew, owns an artwork called Next American President, the pictures of which she had posted on multiple sites. Being well aware of what goes into the search engine politics, she thus tricked Google to show her artwork’s images on the search results and the fact that Google prefers images over text helped her do so.

According to Artnet, she did this by creating a network of web pages on sites like Quora, Eventbrite, Yelp and Twitter. She then loaded these pages with addresses and images that would trick search engines into showing her artwork first. 

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“It’s important to me that when people see these works, they look wrong,” said Gretchen Andrew. “I don’t want to confuse people, I want to confuse machines. I want people to be laughing at Google. If we can get both sides of the political spectrum laughing at big tech, that’s a good thing.”

next American President
Source Eventbrite

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With the trick, she wanted to show that Google can too be manipulated like another thing. Needless to say, both her arts are eye-catching.

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