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The Wicked War Of Excuse Vs Consolation That Goes Inside Every Girl’s Head

Life is hilarious. Trust me it is. And some of the best jokes are cracked when you talk to yourself.

That little voice inside your head comes up with such kickass rebuttals that are downright epic. But the sad part is, it is rarely shared with anyone.

Most of the times that tiny voice in your head makes you stress-free by cracking some jokes only you can relate to. Am I right?


For example, what do you respond when someone asks,’ Why haven’t you trimmed your eyebrows?’ You might speak up and give him or her the typical excuse of not able to get time to go to the parlor, right?

But what does the wicked voice in your head has in response to that? Ever wondered?

Well, check these honest responses which you will relate to if you have gone down the road of singlehood-

1. Waxing

Excuse Vs Consolation

2. Eyebrows

Excuse Vs Consolation

3. New clothes

Excuse Vs Consolation

4. Straightening hair

Excuse Vs Consolation

5. Gym

Excuse Vs Consolation

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6. Dieting

Excuse Vs Consolation

7. Running

Excuse Vs Consolation

8. Cycling

Excuse Vs Consolation

9. Not attending a fest

Excuse Vs Consolation

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10. Dining outside

Excuse Vs Consolation

I know the feeling, I get it too… Coz hey, the consolation you give yourself is only meant for you!!
Shhhh…don’t tell anyone!

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