Exercises That Will Surely Help You To Shred Belly Fat

It’s very good that you want to lose belly fat, but before we start discussing the type of exercises let me inform you that consistency is required, remember not to quit, If you really want to get rid of your excess bulge, exercising regularly is the way to do it.

Exercises That Will Surely Help You To Shred Belly

Here Are The Most Common Culprits Behind Belly Fat:

  • Excess Sugar Intake
  • Alcohol
  • Low Protein Diet
  • Menopause
  • Stress
  • Physical Inactivity
  • Wrong Gut Bacteria

Exercises That Will Surely Help You To Shred Belly Fat


Burpees are the most effective when it comes to reducing belly fat. They elevate your heart rate, strengthen it along with your lungs, improve overall blood flow, enhance your brain functioning, and lower blood pressure.

Russian Twist

Russian Twist helps to reduce belly fat by targeting abdominal muscles as they force you to perform rotational functions using them. You will have to twist your torso centre to left and then again from centre to right, this cycle continues until your rep is complete. Russian Twist helps to shred your side belly fat faster.

Medicine ball slam

This exercise is effective to reduce belly fat as it combines cardio and strength exercises. The areas which this tough exercise will affect the most are “shoulders, triceps, calves, back, and core”. It helps “improve stamina, eye-body coordination, muscle tone, and functional fitness.”

Tuck Jumps

Tuck Jumps always help to burn fat faster, they are the same type of exercises which we used to perform in our PE classes. You will tone up your muscles and elevate your heart rate to the point where fat starts burning up.

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Inclined walk

An inclined Walk is the best exercise to lose fat at a faster pace for an individual of any age. It takes your heart rate up, and tones your lower body muscles including thighs, calves, and more. An inclined Walk can burn 70 per cent more fat than walking on a flat surface, as studies show.

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