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Explained: How Would Uber On Whatsapp Project?

Soon, clients in India will be able to reserve Uber taxi trips via WhatsApp. How precisely will this work? Does this imply the Uber application will no longer be needed? Will the technology be accessible throughout India?

Uber users in India will eventually be able to book taxi trips using WhatsApp, the ride-hailing business revealed on Thursday.

The company’s connection with WhatsApp, the hugely popular messaging service owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), will be a worldwide first, Uber claimed.

“Uber and WhatsApp launched a collaboration today in India, enabling consumers to book an Uber trip using Uber’s official WhatsApp chatbot. It will make reserving an Uber trip as simple as sending a WhatsApp message,” Uber started.

Will This Function Be Accessible Everywhere In India?

At the present, it is being rolled out on a trial basis in Lucknow. It would be spread to additional Indian cities shortly, the business stated.

Does This Mean You Will No Longer Need The Uber App To Order A Cab?

Yes. The business has indicated that with this connection with WhatsApp, passengers would no longer need to download or use the Uber app.

“Everything from user registration, scheduling a ride, and obtaining a trip receipt will be controlled inside the WhatsApp chat interface,” it has claimed.

So How Precisely Will This Work, Then?

If you use WhatsApp, you may book an Uber trip using the app in one of three methods – by chatting to Uber’s business account number; scanning a QR code; or by clicking a link immediately to initiate an Uber WhatsApp conversation.

Once you have done this, you will be prompted to specify pick-up and drop-off locations. You will get fare information upfront, and the driver’s projected time of arrival, Uber added.

And What About All The Safety Measures That The Uber App Provides?

Riders who use WhatsApp would have the same safety features and insurance benefits as those who book rides using the Uber app directly, the firm claimed.

They will be notified of the identity of the driver and license plate of the driver on booking; they will be able to follow the position of the driver en route to the pickup place, and they will be able to talk to the driver anonymously using a disguised number, the business added.

Whatsapp Is Popular Everywhere Around India, Thus Can The Whatsapp Interface For Uber Be Utilized In All Indian Languages?

As of now, the ability to schedule an Uber trip through WhatsApp will only be accessible in English, the business has revealed. However, it has indicated that the functionality would be spread to additional Indian languages shortly.

The service is based on WhatsApp’s Business Platform. It is intended at boosting access to Uber’s mobility products in India, which is one of the US-based corporation’s major overseas markets.


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